Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Shoplifting at Target


Taurean Pearson Arrest

On Saturday, February 21, 2015, I Officer Cabral was assigned to marked unit 882 (East-2). At approximately 6:31 PM, I was dispatched to the Target store located at 180 Somerville Avenue on a reported shoplifter along with Officer Guillen (East-3). When I arrived on scene, I was met by LP1 and LP2 both who are with the store’s Loss Prevention unit.

LP1 reported that at approximately 6:31 PM, he and LP2 saw a black male standing by the infant formula (labeled Enfamil) on the store’s surveillance system. LP1 noticed that this individual fit the description of a black male who was in the store twice in the past and had the reputation of stealing the Enfamil Formula. LP2 stated that the individual has done the same procedure each time he has stolen and concealed the merchandise. LP2 stated that the males pattern would entail the suspect to remove the items from the shelf and placing them into a department store basket, then the suspect would walk into another isle where he would then transfer the items into his beige shoulder bag to conceal the items and continue to exit the store with no intent to pay for the items.

According to LP1, he saw the suspect remove 5 cans of Enfamil (valued at $15.99 each) from the shelf and place them into one of the departments baskets. The suspect would then go around the corner and place the items in his beige shoulder bag (which was taken into evidence and can be provided upon request) and exit the store. Once LP1 and LP2 saw the suspect conceal the items they exited the loss prevention office and met the suspect at the door and brought him into the office. LP1 was able to recover 5 cans of Enfamil.

As I spoke to the male who was later identified as Taurean Pearson. Mr. Pearson stated that he has a 11 month year old at home and he didn’t have money and believed that he shouldn’t be in trouble for it because it was his first time. Mr. Pearson also stated that he plans on paying the store back for the items.

LP2 was able to provide me the receipt for today’s merchandise that was taken and the total amount which was $79.95 (the receipt has been taken into evidence and is available to the court upon request, it has also been attached to this report). However,LP2 before officers arriving on scene was able to get Mr. Pearson to sign a Admission Statement that states that Mr. Pearson admits to not only stealing todays merchandise of $79.95 but also stealing on 3 separate occasions a total of 16 cans of Enfamil which totaled to $255.84 (this admission statement is attached to this report and the original copy is tagged as evidence and available upon request for the court).

LP1 escorted me to the Lost Prevention Officer where LP1 was able to provide me with video footage of all 3 occasions where the suspect Mr. Pearson was seen taking the Enfamil cans and in all 3 occasions going into another isle and then moments later exiting the store without paying and the items inside his beige shoulder bag (This CD was copied and put in as evidence and is made available to the court upon request).

Mr. Pearson due to his 3 separate incidents that occurred in the shoplifting of Enfamil and concealing of these items without paying was placed under arrest for Shoplifting and Larceny over $250. Mr. Pearson was also given in hand by LP1, a Trespass notice which was signed by Mr. Pearson.

Mr. Pearson was then transported with the authorization of Lieutenant Rooney due to the Prisoner transport wagon being unavailable at the time in Cambridge, to be escorted by myself in marked unit East-2 with Officer Guillen following to the station. Mr. Pearson was booked in the usual manner at the Somerville Police Department by the Commander in charge Lieutenant Rooney.

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