Union Square Station Associates (US2) To Unveil Vision For Union Square Employment Center


Development Plan Will Reflect Community’s Goals For Greater Economic Opportunity

Somerville, MA — Union Square Station Associates (US2), the City of Somerville’s master developer partner for Union Square’s revitalization, will present its vision for making Union Square an employment center at tonight’s “Somerville by Design” community meeting.

US2’s employment center concept is a response to community feedback received during the City of Somerville’s Union Square “Visioning Sessions,” in meetings with local business owners and city officials and with an eye toward fulfilling the objectives expressed in Somerville’s comprehensive planning document, “SomerVision.”

“A desire for greater economic opportunity is the common denominator that we have heard expressed in our conversations with Somerville’s residents, small business owners, stakeholders and community leaders,” said Greg Karczewski, president of US2. “Our vision for making Union Square an employment center seeks to fulfill that goal, and based on our research, the neighborhood is well-positioned to provide the workforce and infrastructure to make it a reality.”

At tonight’s presentation, US2 will outline a path forward, including a discussion of key issues that will shape the master plan, such as the economics of development and how Union Square can take advantage of key market drivers including regional employment growth, workforce demographics, and new housing opportunities.

US2’s concept envisions a strategy to attract and retain innovation workers by responding to millennial lifestyle needs and interests; produce a synergistic mixed use environment that emphasizes Somerville’s commitment to being a great place to live, work, play and raise a family; accommodate and support the innovation and creative economies; thoughtfully and deliberately build office space that appeals to growing industries; and leverage the development to protect and generate new local jobs and offer workforce development opportunities.

Residents are encouraged to join the discussion at tonight’s “Somerville By Design” meeting at the old Post Office, 227 Washington Street, at 6:30pm. Tonight’s presentation has been revised from the originally advertised topic, “Real Estate Markets: Housing And Commercial Development Economics.”


Union Square Station Associates (US2) has been selected by the Somerville Redevelopment Authority (SRA) as the master developer partner for the Union Square revitalization plan.

The development team will work in partnership with the City of Somerville, SRA, Civic Advisory Committee, current property owners and the Union Square community to design and implement the redevelopment of seven development blocks identified in the state-approved Union Square Revitalization Plan.

US2 will work to achieve the goals outlined by the community in SomerVision – creating new jobs, public green spaces and homes within a range of affordability in Union Square while preserving the historical character and “funkiness” that everybody loves today.

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