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On the above time and day, I was dispatched to 10 Bow St (Community Laundry) for someone attempting to break into a safe. While en route to the call, I was informed by dispatch that the
individual was being monitored on video surveillance and that he was inside the Laundromat office. Dispatch also stated that the individual was standing in front a safe and appeared to be breaking into that safe. The individual was described as male wearing an off white jacket and hat.

When I arrived on location, I exited my vehicle and entered the Laundromat. I then proceeded to the office. The office door was closed but as I attempted to turn the door knob, the door swung open. Directly behind the door, I encountered the above mentioned defendant who was later Identified as Mr. Raoul St Pierre. Mr. St Pierre was at that time standing in front of a small safe with a screwdriver in his right hand. I immediately grabbed Mr. St. Pierre’s arm and removed the screwdriver from his hand. I then placed Mr. St Pierre up against the desk, handcuffed him, and escorted him out of the office into the main area of the Laundromat where he was pat frisked. I then sat him down as I waited on backup officers to arrive.

During this pat frisk, I discovered several key rings in Mr. St Pierre’s jacket pocket. These keys were clearly labeled for areas of the Laundromat. in addition to the keys, it was discovered that Mr. St. Pierre had a large amount of loose change in his jacket pockets. While Mr. St. Pierre was being monitored by Ofc. Anderson (E4). I returned into the Laundromat office where I observed the safe that Mr. St Pierre had been standing in front of. The upper left corner of the safe was visibly damaged and appeared to have been pried open.

Mr. St. Pierre was at that taken into custody for the above mentioned offenses. He was then transported to the station via the transport wagon. Once there he was booked and informed of his rights by Lt. Rooney. I remained on scene and awaited the arrival of the Laundromat’s owner.

Upon arrival of Mr. John Valpey the owner of Community Laundry, we proceeded inside. I then showed Mr. Valpey the keys which I had found on Mr. St. Pierre’s person. Mr. Valpey stated that the keys belonged to him and that they provided access to various areas and machines within the Laundromat. Mr. Valpey who was the reporting person in this case stated that he had logged onto the Laundromats surveillance cameras from his home and had observed a male enter the Laundromats office. I would like to add, according to Mr. Valpey the office is off limits to patrons of the Laundromat and that the door is always closed. He then observed the unidentified male attempt to break into the safe which was located within the office. He immediately notified police and stayed on the line providing real time updates of what was transpiring. Mr. Valpey then conducted a cursory inspection of the office. Mr. Valpey stated that in addition to the damaged safe, there was some loose change missing from a register as well as a small jar. No other damage was noticed at that time.

Tagged as evidence in this case were the screwdriver found in Mr. St Pierre’s possession as well as his jacket and watch cap. In addition, the loose change which was in Mr. St Pierre’s pockets was seized during booking. All these items were tagged and secured in an evidence locker. Mr. Valpey will also assist responding investigators with obtaining a copy of the surveillance video which pertains to this incident. Photographs of the scene were by Detective Thermidor and will be added to this case file. The keys which were seized from Mr. St. Pierre were photographed and returned to Mr. Valpey.

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