Somerville:Know a Snow Star

Every snow storm we hear stories of generous Somerville residents who help out their friends and neighbors, and during Winter Storm Juno we’d like to
recognize those Good Samaritans. If someone helped or helps you out (or if you are the helper) during the storm, send us a photo (it doesn’t have to include the person if they’re camera shy) of the good deed and after the storm the Somerville Snow Team will go through all the entries to pick one good neighbor to get a Somerville Snow Star Certificate of Awesomeness from the Mayor and a small prize. You can upload your photos to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram tagged with ‪#‎SomSnowStar‬ or send an email to with the subject “Somerville Snow Star.” So whether someone helped you dig out, checked up on you, or helped their neighborhood Yeti find his way home, we’d love to hear about it. A big thank you to everyone for being patient as storm clean up continues and to the many residents who take the time to help others in the city.

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