is presented for outstanding dedication and effort for the month of January 2015 to:

Cheryl Delafano

In September of 2013, Cheryl Delafano became a member of the Somerville Police Department. Her role here is to provide follow-up and support to residents impacted by mental illness and substance abuse. In just a short time, Cheryl has become an integral part of the Department. She manages a case load of over 40 individuals, is a team player, and has received high-praise from community members and community partners alike. Her effectiveness is demonstrated by her ability to build partnerships within the Department, as well as throughout the community. She readily works with 911 and the Detective Unit to follow-up on individuals who have had recurrent, complex problems. Cheryl serves as a representative of the Jail Diversion Program, and the Department, at NAMI meetings, Somerville Cambridge Elder Services, Department of Mental Health risk reviews, and Somerville Cambridge Emergency Services Program. She is always open to lending a hand, and goes above-and-beyond in providing support to ensure that Somerville’s most vulnerable population receive the services they deserve. Her selfless actions are commendable and merit recognition.
David Fallon, Chief of Police


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