Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Motor Vehicle Larceny


Mateus arrest age 29

On the above date and time while in full uniform and assigned to marked unit E2, I responded to Medford St for a possible larceny of a motor vehicle in progress. OFC Costa, Jason assigned to marked unit E3, Ofc Moreira W7 and Ofc Radochia W6, also responded to Medford St.

Upon arrival, there was a group of three males keeping a fourth male from getting off the ground. One of the males was identified to be known as the reporting party (RP). The RP stated, in the parking lot across the street from his house, two vehicles which belonged to the RPs friends, were parked there. The RP walked with the group to the parking as the group was leaving for the night. When the group arrived to where the vehicles were parked, another individual noticed his vehicle had been broke into. The inside of the vehicle was in disarray, as if someone had rummaged the cabin. There were only two vehicles in the parking lot and both were next to each other. The victim was determining if any items were stolen from his vehicle, someone from the group noticed a person sitting in the front passenger seat of the vehicle, parked besides the one that had been broken into. Someone from the group immediately open the front passenger door, to find a male inside of the vehicle. The individual was later identified to be Rodrigo Mateus and from now on, known as the suspect. The suspect was removed from the vehicle and detained by the group, as someone of the group called 911.

As the suspect was being pat down for weapon and drugs, a cell phone in a pink case, two credit cards, a silver color ring, a sliver color necklace with pendant and a black color cell phone case was discovered in the pockets of the suspect clothing. The two credit cards had a females name, which the suspect replied he didn’t know, when asked if he knew the female. The suspect also denied ownership of the jewelry and cell phone. The suspect also had a substantial amount of loose change, however, none of the individuals present was able to determined if the changed had been in either vehicle. The change stayed with the suspect and the other items were turned into evidence.

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