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Reed arrest age 25

On January 23, 2015, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in marked cruiser 874 (East 4). At approximately 10:00pm I was dispatched, along with East-1 Officer Pasqualino, to the area
of Temple St for a suspicious person. Officer Ubeda (East 3) and Sgt. McCain (Sierra 8) also responded as back up. The reporting parties reside at a shelter at Temple St, and reported a male, possibly Hispanic, wearing glasses, and a dark coat was running through their yard. I arrived moments after the call was dispatched, and the reporting parties pointed to a black and gray colored Honda pulling away at a high rate of speed on Temple St toward Mystic Ave.

I went back to my cruiser, and attempted to get behind the vehicle. I observed the vehicle turn east on Mystic Ave, and then turn right onto Fellsway West without signaling. Mystic Ave and Fellsway West are both public ways in the city of Somerville. At this time, I activated my emergency equipment in order to conduct a motor vehicle stop for the violation, as well as investigate the suspicious activity. While the car was pulling to the right of Fellsway West I noticed the front seat passenger to be moving around. While approaching the vehicle, I observed the rear seat passenger to match the description given by the reporting parties. As I asked the operator for his license, I observed the back seat passenger place his left hand into his left pocket. I instructed all passengers to keep their hands visible. Due to the fact that neither passenger was wearing a seatbelt, I requested their identification.

The driver identified himself as Benjamin Reed. I informed Mr. Reed as to why I was stopping him. Benjamin Reed said he was just picking up his friend, and giving him a ride to another friends house. Benjamin Reed stated he met his friend through a drug program they were both enrolled in due to past drug addiction problems. Reed assured me he was clean and sober at this time.

I asked Benjamin Reed to be truthful with me, to which he stated he was just giving a friend a ride. Benjamin seemed offended that I questioned his honesty, because he is a military veteran, and integrity is one of his core values. Reed’s wife also gave the same story that they were just providing a ride for a friend. I did not question the Reed’s, instead I informed them it would be best to be honest with me. At this time, I formed the opinion that there were narcotics hidden in the vehicle due to the statements that the friend had made. I requested a drug K9, and a female officer to assist at the scene. As I did this, Mrs. Reed was having a conversation with Officer Pasqualino. Samantha Reed became upset and informed Officer Pasqualino that she had put the pills in her bra when she saw the police behind them.

I allowed Samantha Reed to remove 17 yellow round pills from her bra. I recognized these pills as Klonopin, a Class C controlled substance. As she was removing them, Samantha told me that her husband was fully aware he was driving them to purchase illegal narcotics. At this point I placed Samantha Reed under arrest for Possession of a Class C narcotic (94c/34), and Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws (94c/40). Based on Samantha Reed’s statements, Benjamin Reed was placed under arrest for Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws (94c/40). Once Benjamin Reed was in handcuffs, he looked at me and spontaneously uttered that he is hooked on pills, and this was the only way he could get them since his doctor would not give him a prescription.

Sgt. McCain, who was on scene, authorized a tow incident to arrest, and due to the vehicle being illegally parked. I performed a motor vehicle inventory, per department protocol. During the inventory, I located a round orange pill labeled AN 415. I recognized this pill to be Suboxone, a Class B controlled substance. This pill was located on the floor, in front of the front passenger seat. Directly beside the Suboxone pill, was a yellow Klonopin, the same pill description that was removed from Samantha Reed’s bra. Due to the location of the pills, Samantha Reed will also be charged with Possession of a Class B Controlled Substance – Suboxone. A third pill was found in the same area, but I was unable to identify it at this time.

Also during the inventory, Officer Pasqualino located a small knotted plastic bag with a small brown substance inside of it inside of the center console. I recognized the knotted bag as one used commonly found in drug sales. I could not identify the substance inside, and will be logging it in for evidence in order to be tested.

Benjamin and Samantha Reed were transported to the station by Officer Moreira (Unit 200), and booked in the usual manner by Lt. Rooney. The vehicle was towed by Pat’s towing to their yard.

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