Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Shoplifting at Assembly Row


MacInnes arrest age 32

On January 6, 2015 at 10:50 a.m., Assembly Row Mall Security personnel called Somerville Police to report a shoplifting suspect fleeing from one of their stores. The caller stated that one of their officers located the suspect in the area of Mystic Avenue and Temple Street in Somerville.

Moments later, Patrolman Bill Carr and I arrived at that location and observed Mall Officer in front of Mystic Avenue. He pointed to a flight of stairs adjacent to the building directing me to the suspect’s path of flight. I made my way up the stairs and observed a male on the second floor, sitting on the ground and holding a shopping bag.

The individual was known to me as Christopher McInnes. He appeared to be bleeding from the hands. Mr. McInnes raised his hands stating ” I’m sorry officer, I stole the stuff, I screwed up”. He also said he had injured his hand by climbing a fence while running from security. I looked inside the bag and observed a pair of Puma sneakers and a J-Crew sweater. Both items still had their store’s respective tickets attached (Puma & J-crew store).

Mr. McInnes was placed in custody and transported to police headquarters in the transport wagon. Representatives from Puma and J-Crew were shown the items confiscated from Defendant McInnes, both confirming they had been stolen. The total value of the stolen items was one hundred and fifty four dollars. McInnes was charged with two counts of Shoplifting.

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