Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Callen arrest age 27

On the above time and day, I responded along with Ofc. Guillen (W5) to a fight outside the Burren Pub. Upon arrival on location, I observed the above mentioned defendant who was later
identified as Mr. Jared Callen yelling and swearing on the sidewalk. Mr. Callen was also waving his arms and pointing towards individuals standing in front of the Burren Pub. It appeared that Mr. Cullen wanted to go back to that establishment but was being held back by an unidentified individual. This individual appeared to be pleading with Mr. Callen to leave the area which he did upon observing our presence.

I then approached the door man at the Foundry. This individual pointed to Mr. Callen who was now walking away and stated ” he punched one of the bouncers.” Myself and Officer Guillen then proceed after Mr. Callen. Mr. Callen was found a short distance away sitting at the bar in another establishment. I approached Mr. Callen and asked him to step outside. Mr. Callen stood up and said ” Yeah sure but what the fuck did I do”. Mr. Callen began walking towards the door and abruptly stopped saying ” Why the fuck do I have to go outside, I don’t have to go outside, I know my fucking rights”. In order to avoid an altercation inside a crowded establishment, I grabbed Mr. Callen by the arm and escorted him out the door.

Once outside, I asked Mr. Callen for his Identification and he stated ” Fucking cops, you got nothing better to do, what is this some Ferguson shit.” Mr. Callen who was visibly intoxicated and had a very strong odor of alcohol emanating from his breath was at that time told to behave himself. Mr. Callen refused to cooperate putting his hands in the air and saying “Hands up don’t shoot.” Mr. Callen’s antics continued and began to draw a large amount of attention from inside the bar as well as many pedestrians who were walking by. Based on Mr. Callen’s intoxicated state, his involvement in at least one physical altercation, and his unruly behavior he was at that time placed under arrest for the above mentioned offense. He was then transported to the station via the Transport Wagon. Once there he was booked and informed of his rights by Lt. Campbell.

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