Car Crashes into Somerville Dunkin Donuts

Photo by Frank Santangelo

By William Tauro

Early Friday afternoon a motor vehicle crashed into the Dunkin Donuts building in the Magoun Square Somerville.

Luckily for customers present at the scene who were eating in Dunkin Donuts at the time, there was an emergency steel column situated in front of the restaurant which prevented the vehicle from crashing into the building’s dining area that absorbed most of the impact.

The restaurant was full of customers when the accident occurred with no major injuries reported.

This is the second motor vehicle accident which involved a Dunkin’ Donuts that occurred within the last two weeks. The first accident occurred at the Dunkin Donuts in Union Square when a motor vehicle lost control and crashed into the building’s gas meters which caused the evacuation of that Union Square Dunkin Donuts.

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