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Moore arrest age 45

On Tuesday December 2, 2014, I was on duty and assigned to the Assembly Square area as unit A-2. At approximately 5:44PM, Officer Capasso, Officer Canty and I responded to the TJ Maxx store
located at 105 Middlesex Avenue on a reported larceny. When we arrived on scene we were greeted by an employed at the store in a loss prevention capacity. He explained that he had caught a female stealing several items from the store and said that she was being detained. The female in question was seated in the loss prevention office and he pointed her out to me. Positioned next to her was a shopping cart from Kmart and it was filled with merchandise.

I asked him if the detained female had provided identification to him. He handed me a Massachusetts Driver’s license belonging to a Christina Carvalho. I looked at the picture on the license and could immediately tell that the female sitting in front of me was not the person depicted on the license. Officer Capasso concurred with my assessment. I asked the still unknown female what her name was and she did not respond.

Officer Canty and Officer Capasso began searching through the shopping cart and the female’s purse. Officer Capasso removed a blue recognizance form from the pocket book. The defendant named on this form was Ms. Mary Moore. A further search revealed several forms of photo identification including a Massachusetts ID card with a picture of the suspect on it. Almost all of these ID’s belonged to a Ms. Mary Moore and we were able to conclude that she was in fact the suspect. As he was searching for identification, Officer Capasso also discovered a pair of wire cutters and a small “pry tool” in Ms. Moore’s bag. These tools were tagged into evidence.

Once we were able to confirm Ms. Moore’s identity, I asked loss prevention to explain what Ms. Moore had done in detail. He told me that he immediately thought that Ms. Moore was suspicious. He said that he watched her on camera and saw that she was leaning over the Kmart cart in a strange manner. He then noticed that she was picking up items and not putting them back on the shelf. He believed that she was placing the items in her cart and trying to conceal them. He then began to follow her around the store on foot. He continued to see her tuck items into bags inside of the cart. At one point he said that Ms. Moore went to the service desk to give back several purses that she said she didn’t want to purchase. He said that Ms. Moore exited the store shortly thereafter and that he was certain that she had stolen from the store when he saw a white purse inside of the cart that he claims to have seen her remove from the shelf. He specifically said “a white purse like that, you can’t really miss it”. Once he confronted Ms. Moore and detained her, he noticed several other items inside of the cart that she didn’t pay for. I would like to note that I was shown a video from the store’s surveillance system that portrays Ms. Moore removing items from the shelf and placing them into the cart. The loss prevention office will be providing me with a copy of the video at a later date. This video will be submitted into evidence upon receipt.

After securing Ms. Moore, we noticed Kmart bags inside of the Kmart shopping cart that she had been pushing around TJ Maxx. These bags were filled with items that appeared to be from that store. We asked Ms. Moore if she had bought the items from the Kmart store next door. She would not tell us if she had purchased them or not. I then asked why she was in possession of the items which were still new in packages. She told me that she had found them at her residence and brought them with her. I repeated her claim of having brought the items from her house to the our current location and told her that her claim was outrageous. She then said that she had not acquired the items in quite the same fashion as she had initially described. I asked her for the truth and she refused to respond because she “would still be under arrest”.

Once Ms. Moore was on her way to headquarters, I returned to the TJ Maxx loss prevention office. He provided me with a receipt outlining the seven items that Ms. Moore had stolen. These items have been outlined in the property section of this report. The total value of the stolen merchandise with $280.93. A copy of the receipt was submitted into evidence (sku numbers available for on receipt for additional item descriptions).

After concluding my investigation at TJ Maxx, Officer Capasso and I visited the Kmart loss prevention office with the remaining items that Ms. Moore had in her possession. We were greeted by a member of the loss prevention unit. He verified that the remaining contents of the cart belonged to the store. He was able to rewind the store’s surveillance footage to just after 4:00PM. The video showed Ms. Moore entering the store with no items in tow. I then saw her pushing a carriage around the store and displaying similar mannerisms to those shown in the TJ Maxx video. I could see her putting items into the shopping cart and it appeared as though she was attempting to conceal them. He was unable to find the point in the surveillance footage where Ms. Moore exits the store but he said that he saw Ms. Moore leave the store without paying for anything. He also told me he would find the point in the video where Ms. Moore exits with the stolen merchandise and provide me a copy of the whole video. This surveillance footage will be submitted into evidence upon receipt. Prior to leaving Kmart, he gave me a receipt detailing all of the stolen items (20 items). The stolen items will be listed in the property section of this report and the receipt will be submitted into evidence (sku numbers available on receipt for additional item descriptions by store). The total value of the property stolen from Kmart was $225.53.

At the conclusion of my investigation, I informed Lt. Sheehan that I would be charging Ms. Moore with one count of larceny over $250 for her activities at the TJ Maxx store. I am also charging Ms. Moore with one count of shoplifting $100+ by asportation for her activities inside of the Kmart store. All of the stolen items were returned to their respective store’s as to not hinder the profitability of the businesses.

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