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Murray arrest age 34

On December 2, 2014 while assigned to the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit this investigator had occasion to conduct a routine narcotic
interdiction surveillance within the Davis Square and adjacent area. The area of interest has been the location for violations of the controlled substance laws that have involved the distribution and personal ingestion of illegal narcotics.

While conducting the afore named surveillance my attention was drawn to the above named defendants accompanied by a white male subsequently loitering within the Davis Square area. I would note that I am acutely familiar with defendant Kelly Murray and am aware of her historical reputation involving violations of the controlled substance laws.

Subsequent to their aimless activity the defendants entered the Starbucks Coffee Emporium located at 260 Elm Street Somerville, MA. Shortly thereafter a complaint was received by the Somerville Police Department from management personnel of the Starbucks Coffee Shop regarding purported illegal drug activity occurring within the female restroom.

In response to this complaint this investigator entered the business establishment to further investigate the allegation. Once entering the emporium I observed defendants Kelley Murray and Lynn Winn exiting from the female restroom. Pursuant to this observation I spoke with a business establishment employee who identified the defendants as being the individuals observed engaging in illegal criminal activity from within the female restroom.

The defendants proceeded to exit the coffee shop at which time the defendants were stopped and police identification was made. An inquiry was made regarding the presence of any illegal controlled substances stored on their/ defendants person. In response to this inquiry defendant Murray extemporaneously retrieved a clear plastic bag containing a brown powder substance believed to be Heroin that was stored within the confines of her brassiere. As a result of defendant Murray fortuitous response she was furnished her constitutional rights pursuant to Miranda. Post Miranda warnings defendant Murray admitted to attempting to ingest Heroin along with defendant Winn while previously located inside of the female restroom.

In turn defendant Winn was advised of her Miranda rights which she acknowledged receiving and understanding. Post Miranda defendant Winn accepted criminal culpability and admitted to nasally ingesting an amount of Heroin while inside of the female bathroom. Defendant Winn complained regarding the physical aftermath of her Heroin ingestion.

Both the defendants were then placed under arrest for the violations of the controlled substance laws. A later search of defendant Murray s pocketbook revealed an additional amount of a substance believed to be Heroin ( 2 clear plastic bags ). Two clear glassine bags containing a brown powder substance believed to be Heroin and an altered straw containing residue used for the nasal ingestion of a controlled substance were found and seized from the handbag possessed by defendant Winn. The defendants were transported to the Somerville Police Department Headquarters for booking and processing.

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