Obama’s amnesty: There is a method to his tantrums

by Neil W. McCabe

The transformation of America continues here in the Age of Obama with his newest innovation, the amnesty for five million illegal aliens.

In the final days of this horrific session of Congress, President Barack Obama simple gave up.

The man who was supposed to bring Red and Blue together, once again took a pass at cutting a deal, and instead blamed everyone else.

After whining and stomping his feet, our spoiled-only-child leader, went ahead and granted legal status to a ton of folks here that a ton more folks do not want here.

Stop and consider the president’s logic. He fails to convince Congress to give him what he wants, so he has no choice but to do it anyway. Then, he turns around and blames Congress.

It is a frontal assault on the Constitution and the constitutional understanding among Americans that we are all bound by the same rules and process.

Obama loses, get frustrated and decreed that he is not bound by the same restraints as were other presidents and other citizens.

It should surprise no one Obama simple made up that President George H.W. Bush granted amnesty to 1.5 million illegals in his justification. The Washington Post fact checker gave the claim four out of four pinnochios—long after the president’s choir in the media put it out as fact.

This is the most thoroughly dishonest adminstration since Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Of course, it is galling to regular Americans to hear liberal plead for mercy for the illegals. By now everyone realizes that liberals depend on illegals to serve as their nannies, landscapers and dishwashers.

There are no poor liberals. Like polo or racing yachts, it is an expensive and time-consuming lifestyle choice.

For that matter, the actual poor, are not thrilled with the prospect of more low-wage, low-skill workers flooding in. Nor, are college graduates, facing tens of thousands of dollars in student loans happy about all those foreign engineers, lawyers and doctors about to take their jobs.

The bottom line to all of this is that Obama’s amnesty for illegal aliens is not just outside he legal authority, but it is also a mistake.

It is a mistake the president may or may not be aware of, but there is no doubt that as with the suffering caused by his other policies, he is deaf to the pain of his victims.

But, not everyone has suffered under Obama. The green energy barons have tagged the Treasury out of billions of dollars for their phony wind mills and worthless solar ranchs. Government workers have continued to enjoyed ironclad job security, raises and bonuses, as if there was no economic downturn at all.

In the end, the amnesty will benefit the Democratic Party. No one belongs to the Democratic Party, who does not have to belong to the Democratic Party to protect their government faucet. Feeding off the taxpayers is the one thing that unifies Democrats and it is the reason that Republicans will allows lose if they play the greed card. No one outbids the Democrats.

The millions of new voters waved in will become the next wave of Americans on the dole and the next backbone of the Democratic coalition.

Refreshing, is it not?

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