Somerville Villens A-Team Cheerleaders made history this year!


They had an Amazing season! They won first place in their division In the Greater Boston League and went on to win Second place in the Eastern Massachusettts Division, which then gave them a spot to compete at New England Regionals. Unfortunately, they
did not place this weekend in Springfield, but this is the first time in 24 years Somerville has moved on or gone this far! These girls have heart, soul, dedication and determination! These 13 girls and their coach are Amazing! We wish them luck next season! Kudos to the Coach Virginia Hussey, team mom, Kara Osborne and the super star cheerleaders…Xzarria Foster, Destiny Augustin, Hailey Willard, Kyla Ferraz, Janelle Hamel, Isabella Chiaravaloti, Tayara Romero, Janelle Messina, Sophia West, Melanie Baxter, Denise Umana, Caitlin McGeoghean, & Kentra Greene! Somerville Pop Warner and the whole City of Somerville are proud to have you representing us!

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