This is our choice of “This Week’s Village Idiot”, You Decide!

This Week’s Village Idiot choice comes in the form of a would-be thief who almost got away with it until a quick thinking Somerville Police officer stepped in and ruined his day!

” On Monday, November 10, 2014, I was working in marked unit East-1. At approximately 2:30 P.M. I was on a directed patrol in the area of the Home Depot located at Mystic Avenue. While en route to the rear of the Home Depot,
I was stopped at a red light on the corner of Grand Union Blvd and Revolution Drive. I would like to note these streets are public ways in the City of Somerville. While waiting for the light to turn green, I observed a green Acura directly in front of my cruiser fail to stop at the red light in this intersection. The green Acura, bearing Massachusetts registration 1YG945, made a right turn onto Grand Union Blvd as I turned on my emergency blue lights and siren to stop the vehicle. The right hand turn on red at the intersection is allowed, however, operator’s are required to come to a complete stop before proceeding. The operator of the green Acura went through the intersection as if the light were green and at no point slowed down for the red light. The vehicle was stopped on Grand Union Blvd directly behind the Home Depot.

As I approached the operator, later identified as Mr. Khieam Mallory, I asked for his license and registration. Mr. Mallory handed me a Massachusetts temporary paper ID. I informed Mr. Mallory of his motor vehicle infractions and he apologized. While speaking to Mr. Mallory, I noticed he was sweating profusely and drops of sweat were coming down his face as if he had been running. I asked Mr. Mallory if he was okay to which he stated, “Yes, I’m just nervous.” I returned to my cruiser and ran Mr. Mallory’s license. I found that Mr. Mallory’s license status was expired non-renewable and that his last entry on his driving history was suspended in Watertown. At this time, marked unit East-4, Officer Capasso, and Walking route-1, Officer Guillen responded to my location. As Officer Capasso walked up to Mr. Mallory he noted that Mr. Mallory was sweating uncontrollably. Officer Capasso then walked back to my cruiser and asked if I had seen Mr. Mallory sweating. I exited my cruiser and saw that Mr. Mallory was now sweating more than I had seen him only a minute earlier. Mr. Mallory’s explained that he did not have a valid license to drive a vehicle and that he drives his girlfriends vehicle. Mr. Mallory stated that his girlfriend, knows that he uses the car and that he is the only person that uses her vehicle as her license is suspended. Due to Mr. Mallory’s unlicensed operation and nervousness, I asked him to shut the vehicle off and step out. Mr. Mallory complied but became increasingly nervous while coming out of the vehicle. Officer Capasso placed Mr. Mallory into handcuffs and I explained to Mr. Mallory that he was under arrest for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. At this time, Street Supervisor, Sergeant Isidoro, granted me permission to tow the vehicle as we did not have a valid operator to take control of the vehicle. As Mr. Mallory was placed into custody, I advised him of his Miranda Rights. At this time, Officer Guillen maintained custody of Mr. Mallory as Officer Capasso and I began an inventory of the vehicle.

During the inventory of the vehicle I found a orange Michael Kors wallet on the driver’s side compartment of the vehicle. Inside of the orange Michael Kors wallet were several credit cards and identification belonging to a female. I also found a Discover Credit Card on the driver’s side floor belonging to the female as well. I asked Mr. Mallory who the female was. Mr. Mallory replied, “A friend of my girlfriends.” I asked Mr. Mallory what she looked like as I had a picture ID of her from her wallet. Mr. Mallory did not reply. When asked a second time, Mr. Mallory replied, “I don’t remember.” I explained to Mr. Mallory that I found it odd he could not remember what his girlfriend’s friend looked like. Mr. Mallory could not even tell me what color hair she had. In the passenger side of the vehicle, a PS4 was found inside a Target bag. I asked Mr. Mallory when he bought the PS4 to which he replied, “Earlier today.” Inside of the trunk, Officer Capasso found two more women’s wallets. One Wallet being an orange ADSA and the other being a green/blue Kate Spade wallet. The orange ADSA wallet had several credit cards inside of them belonging to another female along with a Massachusetts license also belonging to a male party. I asked Mr. Mallory who the other females were. Mr. Mallory did not answer. I then asked Mr. Mallory who the two wallets belonged to and received no reply once again. Officer Capasso and I opined that the three women’s wallets may be stolen at this time. Officer Capasso was able to make several phone calls to places of business where the three females worked and was able to find out that the male’s wallet was in fact stolen and a report was filed with the Brockton Police.

As I entered the Target store I was met by loss prevention employee and Manager. They stated to me, “Let me guess, the guy with the PS4 driving the green Acura. He stated that he had a male party purchase a PS4 about an hour before I got to the store. The male party used multiple credit cards finding that they were declined. On a final attempt, he used a Discover credit card that got approved. The last four on the Discover credit card being 6047 belonging to a female. The manager brought me to their office where they had a picture of the green Acura bearing Massachusetts registration 1YG945 leaving their store. They also had video surveillance of Mr. Mallory purchasing the PS4 using the Discover credit card and signing the female’s name for the purchase as well. They stated that Mr. Mallory went to purchase the PS4 and used three different credit cards only finding that the three had been declined one by one. On a final attempt he used the Discover card and the purchase was completed. He noted that Mr. Mallory had his hand over the area where the name of the card was located and signed the receipt without handing the credit card over. Mr. Mallory “Left the store in a hurry,” according to Mr. Williams.”


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