Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Cunningham arrest age 29

On the listed date and time I, Officer Mark Pulli badge #311, while assigned to patrol area East-1, was dispatched along with unit East-4, Officer Eli Kim, to Walnut St. for a report of an unwanted female banging on the front door.

Upon our arrival we did not see anyone at Walnut St. Somerville dispatch then radioed to us that they had received multiple calls now that the female party was knocking on other residents doors. S-8, Sgt. Chris Ward, joined us and the three of us searched the area, but did not locate anyone. At this time, Somerville dispatch informed us that the reporting party at Walnut St. was looking to speak to an officer.

I pulled up in front of Walnut St. and exited my cruiser. As I walked onto the sidewalk I was greeted by a female, who appeared intoxicated and was standing outside Walnut St. smoking a cigarette. I asked Cunningham if she had called the police and she said “no, but I told that bitch to” while she pointed at Walnut St. The porch light at Walnut St. then turned on and I could see that there were multiple plant pots, plants, and soil smashed all over the porch, down the front stairs, and on the sidewalk in front of Walnut St. I asked Cunningham what had happened and she stated “I did that shit, I broke all that shit, fuck that bitch”. I observed that Cunningham had planting soil in her hair and no shoes on.

At this time the victims in this matter, both owners and residents of Walnut St. came onto their porch. Cunningham then began to scream “fuck you bitch, I’m going to fuck you up”, and ran toward the porch while yelling “come here bitch, I’m gonna fuck you up”. Both myself and Officer Kim grabbed Cunningham and prevented her from reaching them. At this time I advised Cunningham that I was placing her in handcuffs for safety purposes and sat her on the sidewalk. Cunningham continued to yell profanities and threats at both victims.
I asked Cunningham what her name was and where she lived but she answered with profanity. I asked her what had happened and she said “I want to fuck that bitch up because she talked shit about my baby.” She then began to stand up yelling toward the victims “I’m going to find you bitch, you’re dead.”

Officer Kim stood by with Cunningham who continued to scream and yell. The Female victim was visibly upset crying and her hands were shaking. They said Cunningham has lived next door on Walnut St. since they moved in. They said they had never had any type of direct interaction with her until this morning. The male victim said they were woken up to a pounding on their front door and could hear a female screaming and yelling and things breaking. The Female victim said she looked out the window and saw Cunningham on the porch, punching the door and breaking plant pots. She said that was when she called 911.

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