Martha Wins Again As Our Pick For This Week’s Village Idiot


By William Tauro

As an incumbent Massachusetts Attorney General as well as a gubernatorial candidate for the greatest state on earth, she showed zero respect for her team, volunteers and people who supported her throughout her entire campaign and at the ballot box.
She should be ashamed of herself!

How immature can one be to just sneak out and leave a reception hall full of your own supporters that broke their hump for you during the entire duration of your own election without anything, not even a good night?

Even if she was waiting until the next morning for her concession speech for, God sake “thank the people” at the very least!
Thank God she is not the next governor.

But this was a good lesson learned to all to appreciate these true words of wisdom, “Vote for the person, not the party!”

So with that said, how do you spell relief? Charlie Baker that’s how!

Massachusetts fasten your seat belts, leadership and recovery awaits!

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