Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Resende arrest age 19 and juvenile arrest

On the above date and time, while in full uniform and assigned to marked unit E2, I was dispatched to Marion St for threats. Unit E3 (OFC Stanford) was also dispatched as back up officer.

Upon my arrival at Marion St, the caller stated, three white males had just walked past his residence, while shouting they had a gun and they were going to shoot the caller. The caller had given dispatch a description of the white males, which consisted of three white males wearing dark color hoodies. The caller explained, that the white males ran away on Wyatt St towards Concord Ave, but unknown direction after losing sight of the white males. Myself and OFC Stanford began to search the immediate area for the suspects.

While driving on Springfield St, I saw a group of white males wearing dark color hoodies walking on Houghton St. (Springfield and Houghton St are a couple of streets over from 47 Marion St) I called E3 (OFC Stanford) over the radio and transmitted the location of the suspects. While I had to drive around to the opposite side of Houghton St coming from Prospect St, I asked E3 (OFC Stanford) drive on Springfield and turn onto Houghton St, so to meet in the middle. However, the suspects ran down Oak St towards Cambridge St and eventually the location where we were able to stop the suspects.

A juvenile and from now on, known as suspect 1, was carrying a gray back pack containing an open bottle of spiced rum and one open bottle of Cognac. The bottle of Cognac was empty, while the bottle of spiced rum still contained more than half of its alcoholic contents.

Due to the nature of a possible gun being involved, the white males were pat frisked, however, suspect 1 began to questioned why he was being frisked. When suspect 1 became aggressive, I explained to him, for his safety and mine I was going to placed hand cuff on him. Suspect began to pull away as the other individuals were yelling, ” calm the fuck down”. While struggling with suspect 1, there was a strong alcoholic odor emanating from his person. Suspect 1 kept being verbally hostile towards OFC Stanford and I. When I finally, was able to handcuff suspect 1, he rotated towards me with his elbow raised, which then struck me on the neck. I then firmly grasped suspect 1 and swung him down to the ground, but suspect 1 kept trying to loosen my grip and kept yelling, “get the fuck away from me…you don’t know who the fuck I am”.

Suspect 1 began to bleed from the nose, and an ambulance was requested to my location. While waiting for the ambulance, Joshua Resendes and from now, known as suspect 2, started to become aggressive to OFC Stanford, suspect 2 was also handcuffed. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, suspect 1 kept yelling, “Fuck you pig”, “When I see you on the street, I’m going to fuck you up”, which I took as a threat. Patrons leaving the surrounding business began to congregate around the our location to see what the commotion was about.

Pro Ambulance attended suspect 1 and was cleared by the EMTs.

Subsequently, suspect 1 and suspect 2 were transported to the police station to be booked.

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