Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Leccese Arrest age 32

On Sunday November 02, 2014, at approximately 12:57 AM, while on uniformed patrol in marked unit 667, I(Officer Patrick Canty) was dispatched along with marked units 660(Officer
James Radochia) and 665(Officer Samir Messaoudi) to Holland Street, for a large fight at PJ Ryan’s Pub. Upon arrival, I saw the defendant, David Leccese, laying in the middle of the street bleeding from multiple locations on his face. He was being helped by his friend.

As I approached the scene, I was told by numerous bystanders that the two men in the street were at fault. It should be noted that this incident took place directly across the street from the Somerville Fire Department’s Teele Square Station. Lt. of the Somerville FD was already on scene and told me that the defendant had punched a retired Somerville fire fighter. He then pointed to a fellow retired fireman, who was laying in the fetal position in between the Hub way bicycle racks, motionless. The fire department was tending to his injuries, and I called for Cataldo Ambulance Co. to assess his injuries.

At this point, my back up officers arrived on scene and we approached the defendant, who was sitting in the street cussing at the crowd gathered by the pub. He was calling them bitches and telling them he would kick their asses. I tried several times to get Mr. Leccese to calm down. He would not listen to me and told me to “go fuck myself”. He continued to scream profanities at the crowd. Lt. informed him that he hit a 65 year old man, to which Leccese replied, “That’s because he was a bitch, your all bitches fuck you”. Mr. Leccese then attempted to rise in an aggressive manor towards the direction of the victim and Lt. I told him to stay seated and held him down by his shoulders. Mr. Leccese began to become more aggressive and tried to swing his arm at me to get out of my grip. Mr. Leccese was actively resisting pulling his arms away. He made several attempts to break free. Officer Radochia was able to get Mr. Leccese hand cuffed.

This only made Mr. Leccese more agitated. He was screaming very loudly and kept trying to kick his legs and spit his blood. We warned him numerous times not to spit at us, to which he replied “fuck you cunts” he also stated, “Once these cuffs are off I’m coming for you, I will break you all in half”. He then would spit in our direction. We were able to place a safety breathing mask on him to prevent him from spitting his blood at us or the crowd. Mr. Leccese would not cooperate in any way. We made several attempts to move him from the street due to the fact that his actions had stopped traffic on Holland Street in both directions. He would struggle and kick and continue to scream at the crowd gathering to watch. When the Transport Wagon arrived, Mr. Leccese kicked at Officers as they tried to load him in the back. Once in the wagon, Mr. Leccese was transported back to the Somerville Police Station by Officer Carlos Melo, and booked.

After the defendant was gone from the scene, I was able to get the witnesses accounts of what had happened. First Lt. (SFD) told me he had heard a commotion from the street and looked out the second story window of the Fire House. He said he saw the defendant strike the victim, , and he immediately slid down the pole to come help. I then spoke with the bartender, who told me that the men, Leccese and his friend had been cut off from drinking due to the fact they were too intoxicated. He said they were asked to leave but refused. They gave them some time as not to start a fight. The two men however became aggressive and started pushing other patrons of the bar. The Bar’s Security, also stated that the men had been cut off. They began verbally harassing a female customer. She stated they were calling her a bitch, and at one point bumped her really hard. He then told the men it was now time to leave, and they started to fight with him, other patrons tried to help and the two men punched several of them.

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