Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Abraibesh Arrest Age 24

On this date and time, while on a paid detail at the “Joshua Tree” restaurant and bar, I witnessed the following :

A young female, later identified as the defendant, was being told at the front door of the establishment that she could not enter, by
the employee stationed there. She was told this several times. She then began shouting at the employee that she could go “fuck herself” . Another employee appeared, and he too was told to “Go fuck himself”, and ” Let me in, I have to pee”. When I approached
her, I told her to calm down and walk away, and that maybe she should try somewhere else to use the bathroom. I too was told to
go ” Fuck myself”.
At this time , a number of people started to draw near, and people from another establishment were crossing the street to watch this
girl scream at myself and the employees of the Joshua Tree. After several more attempts to get her to leave, and her refusal, I was met with more statements to ” Fuck off’ , and the crowd around us increased. So much to the extent that as people were standing in
the street, vehicular traffic was being slowed .
I told this girl that if she did not calm down and leave, I would take out a complaint against her. She continued her behavior, and when I asked for her identification, she told me ” Fuck you, I am not giving you anything” .
As I attempted to place her under arrest, she struggled with me, and kept pulling her arms away. I did manage to successfully handcuff her, and while waiting for the prisoner transport vehicle, she managed to get free of one cuff.
I informed her that she was being placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

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