Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Bagget Arrest Age 20

On 10/27/14 at approximately 20:13 while in uniform and operating marked unit E2, I was dispatched to the above location for a report of a female shoplifter. Somerville Dispatch reported that she was being detained in the asset protection office.

Upon arrival, I was met with the Asset Protection Manager and the Sr. Target Protection Specialist. They reported that the suspect came in and requested to return a hand mixer purchased earlier today at a different location. To complete the return, customer service requested the receipt and a picture ID. The suspect stated that she did not have an ID and insisted on getting cash back and not a store credit. The receipt provided by the suspect displays a single hand mixer totaling $399.98. When the cashier scanned the returned item, the price read $199.99, and not the $399.98 as listed on the suspect’s receipt. The cashier alerted store manager who visually inspected the receipt and realized that it had been altered with some type of erasing device to record more than the actual retail value. The original receipt should read “Hand Mixer T $399.98 @ $199.98 each”. The part that reads “@199.98 each” was completely erased from the receipt to show that only one hand mixer is for the price of $399.98.

Store manager contacted Target Investigation Center and they informed him of a current scam by a female suspect. The suspect identified herself to me as Latisha Brown. However, I located her ID and found out that her real is in fact Ms. Marie Baggett out of Chicago, IL. Target Investigation Center alleges that Ms. Baggett is a suspect involving in multiple scams out of Chicago, Florida, Ohio, and Syracuse, NY. They sent surveillance photos of Ms. Baggett visiting a Target store in Braintree and in South Boston earlier today where she successfully returned items and walked away with $425 in cash from each store. The suspect in the surveillance photo matches Ms. Baggett’s physical and clothing descriptions. Store manager has provided reports of today’s incident and reports of previous incidents sent from the Braintree and South Boston stores. When available, video footage will also be provided to the Somerville Police. Ms. Baggett was placed under arrest for Larceny Over.

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