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Gilchrist arrest age 26 and James Marion age 23

The following is a brief summary of the incident. It does not contain every minute detail of the arrest. On the above date and time, while assigned to the Somerville Police PD Narcotics/Vice Unit, working in an undercover
capacity, operating an unmarked Police M/V, I assisted in an active, street level, narcotics investigation, focusing on the illegal sale and distribution of controlled substances, specifically, Class “A” (Heroin), in the area of Meacham St and Moreland St. The focal point of this investigation centered on 3 W/M’s located inside a 2006, gray, Cadillac DTS. The other males (defendants) were later to be identified as defendant Randolph L. Gilchrist Jr and as defendant James J. Marino. I was assisted by Det. J. Hyde, Det. Collazo, Det. DiFronzo, and Dets. And two detectives from Medford PD Narcotics Unit. My specific assignment relative to this investigation was to maintain surveillance of the area, assist in the custody and control of all suspect(s), collect/seize, photograph, and catalog all contraband/evidence that was confiscated/seized.

Medford detectives were performing surveillance in the area of Edwards and Dexter Sts in Medford, when they first observed Mass Reg 692KE3. The driver is well known to the Medford PD Narcotics Unit due to his involvement with controlled substances. Medford detectives observed the M/V make a stop in the vicinity of defendant Marino’s address. They observed defendant Marino and another W/M enter into the M/V. Marino entered into the front side passenger seat and the other W/M (unknown at this time) entered into the rear passenger compartment of the M/V. The M/V went on the move and started to make a series of stops/starts in the middle of the streets. At this point, Medford det. placed a call to Det. J. Hyde to assist in this investigation due to the possible jurisdictional issues. Det. Collazo and I also assisted in this investigation. The SPD units took up surveillance on the Somerville/Medford line. The M/V was now located in the area of Meacham St at Fremont St. Somerville.

The M/V pulled over to the side of Meacham St in Somerville near the Medford line. All 3 individuals were still placed in the M/V. After a brief period of time, the unknown W/M exited the rear passenger compartment of the M/V and started walking on Meacham St. The M/V pulled out onto Meacham St and headed toward the intersection of Moreland St. At this time, a M/V stop was conducted and a threshold inquiry was initiated. As Det. DiFronzo and I approached the M/V, we observed a package of needles, a spoon w/ some white residue on it, and a rolled up piece of white paper, bound by an elastic, in the passenger side front seat area occupied by defendant Marino. Marino was asked to step out of the M/V and he complied. Det. DiFronzo advised Marino of his Miranda Warnings at this time. Post Miranda, Marino stated the following to Det. Difronzo and I: “The operator just finished inhaling some Heroin through the straw on the front seat”. He was asked if he had any sharp objects or contraband on his person and he replied “no”. Det. DiFronzo performed a quick pat down and felt a box type object in Marino’s left, front sweat pants pocket. As Det. DiFronzo opened the pack of Marlboro cigarettes and he observed an empty box, save for a small, glassine baggie in the bottom of the box. When Det. DiFronzo handed it to me, I observed this baggie to contain a brown, powdery substance (Heroin). When I asked defendant Marino who owned the pack of cigarettes, he stated that he just picked them up and put them in his pocket as we were walking up to the car.

Det. Hyde was conversing with the driver at this time. It became very apparent to Det. Hyde that he appeared to be very unsteady on his feet and unable to communicate. Det. Hyde formed the opinion that he was suffering from the perils of a possible Heroin overdose. He immediately called 911 to alert EMS to respond to our location. EMS responded and the driver was administered a dose of nasal Narcan by EMS that appeared to alleviate his affliction. He was eventually transported to the Somerville Hospital for treatment.

As we were interacting with Marino, Det. Collazo went to speak with the unknown W/M at this time. The male was walking along the Meacham St sidewalk, in the same direction as the M/V that was pulling away from the curb. When the W/M observed the Cadillac being stopped by the undercover units, he attempted to duck into a side yard. As the W/M was about to open the gate to the yard, Det. Collazo came up from behind him and stopped him from entering. At this point, Det. Collazo recognized the W/M as Randy Gilchrist. Det. Collazo asked Gilchrist what his business was in the house he was in front of. Gilchrist answered that he was there to see his friend, yet he could not give Det. Collazo a name for his friend that lived in the house. At this point, Det. Collazo performed a search of Gilchrist. Det. Collazo located a $20.00 bill in his waist area. Det. Collazo took this $20.00 bill and opened it up. He observed a brown, powdery substance (Heroin) in the folds of the $20.00 bill. Det. Collazo handed the $20.00 bill over to me.

Both individuals were transported to the Station, via the Prisoner Transport Vehicle, Wagon #200. While at the Station, at the booking window, a property inventory search was conducted on Gilchrist by Off. Moreira. Off. Moreira located a round, orange pill, marked w/ “AN 415” in a secret, zippered compartment of the defendant’s wallet. Off. Moreira handed over the pill to me. It was preliminarily identified as Suboxone 8MG/2MG.

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