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Moran arrest

On October 15, 2014 I, Officer deOliveira, was in full uniform and assigned marked unit 664 for the Somerville Police Department. At
approximately 12:30 a.m., I was dispatched to Broadway in the City of Somerville for a burglary. A citizen called 911 stating he witnessed a Hispanic male wearing a black hat , gray sweater, and jeans break into the store. Officers Rego in marked unit 661, Ramirez in marked unit 662, and Stanford in marked unit 663 were also dispatched.

The witness was following the suspect on foot, and gave out a detailed route of travel of the suspect. The witness stated that the suspect was running down Marshall Street and went into an alleyway, Sherman Court. Officer Rego was already on Marshall Street, so I decided to go to Sergeant Avenue, where Sherman Court ends. As I drove up Sergeant Avenue from Broadway, with my cruiser’s high beams on, I saw a man matching the description of the suspect: Hispanic male wearing a black hat , gray sweater, and jeans. The suspect was walking, then looked directly at me and began to run. The witness was running right behind him, pointing him to me, and shouting: “that’s him”. I pulled up in front of the suspect, detained and handcuffed him.

While Officers Rego and Stanford watched the suspect, I took the witness back to the location of the crime. There I noticed that two businesses were targeted: Broadway, and Broadway. The front door glass of Broadway was shattered but did not break; the side glass of Broadway shattered and broke.

The first witness, told me that he was across the street, working security in the parking lot of Broadway, when he first noticed the suspect. He remained there the entire time and had a clear view of Broadway, witnessing the crime. The suspect was arguing with another individual. They exchanged words, one individual went one way, and the suspect went across the street. The suspect stopped in front of Broadway and kicked the front door glass a couple of times. Since the glass did not break, he went into an alley next to Broadway and kicked the glass there, breaking the glass. The suspect climbed inside and went into the business. A few seconds later, the alarm went off and the suspect came out through the same opening running. The witness said the suspect did not have enough time to take anything, since the alarm went off in seconds, and came out empty handed. The suspect ran to Marshall Street, going down Marshall Street towards Sherman Court, with the witness following him the entire time. The suspect was being followed by the second witness.

The Witness was working on a construction site at Broadway, and at the time of the burglary. He was also an eye witness to the burglary. I interviewed him separately, and he gave me the same exact account of the incident as the other witness. He told me that when he saw the witness following the suspect he followed too, for he did not want to leave the other guy alone with what appeared to be a violent individual. He followed them up to Sherman Court but lost them there.

I entered Broadway but nothing seemed out of place. It appears that the suspect in fact did not have time to steal anything. The suspect, identified as Irving Moran was placed under arrest and is charged with 2 counts of malicious defacement of property, as well as breaking and entering in the night time to commit a felony.

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