Alicea Arrest


During the late morning / early afternoon of October 9, 2014 members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit
( Inspectors James P. Hyde and Ariel Collazo ) in conjunction with the
Somerville Police Department Criminal Investigative Division ( Inspector Dante DiFronzo ) established a narcotic / anti-crime interdiction surveillance within the confines of the Assembly Square Market Place and Assembly Row area.

While conducting the forenamed surveillance observations were made of the defendant in this matter Maritza Alicea perusing through two business establishments the T J Maxx Department Store located at Middlesex Avenue inclusive. While located inside The T J Maxx Department Store the defendant was observed by Inspector Collazo browsing within the Women’s Department area specifically the high-end / posh female pocket book section. While positioned in this area it was noted that the defendant appeared to visually leaf through the area.

Subsequent to the aforementioned observations the defendant was observed placing 5 Michael Kors brand handbags onto her left arm. The defendant then strategically positioned herself by the front entranceway of the business establishment in preparation of her exfiltration. At this time Inspector Collazo observed the defendant hotfoot herself via a well timed decamp via an unimpeded entranceway leading to the exterior of the department store. The defendants actions and the disregard of payment of the referenced items created a breach triggering a security alarm.

After a brief foot pursuit the defendant was apprehended by Inspectors DiFronzo and Hyde in the exterior parking lot while she was attempting to flee the area. At the time of her apprehension Inspector Collazo recovered the 5 Michael Kors brand handbags from the defendant. Further investigation revealed the value of the female pocketbooks to be $ 775.57. A copy of the receipt indicating the value of the purloined items will be attached and incorporated herein to this report. The defendant was transported to the Somerville Police Department Headquarters for booking and processing.

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