Eldeb Arrest



On the above date and time while on routine patrol of the Mystic River development, Investigators observed an individual known to us who had been Trespassed from the property. Investigators were passing Memorial
Road,B-section, when we observed Mohammed Eldeb at the rear door of Memorial Road (B-section). He was with a group of youth who appeared to be passing something back and forth to each other.

As Investigators approached the group, who had now stepped into the hallway of this location, Investigators observed the group scatter/run upon noticing us just several feet away. Investigators observed two youth/individuals run into apartment slamming the door behind them.

The last male, known to us as Mohammed Eldeb, ran out the rear door of this location and ran towards the right. The hallway was littered with hollowed out cigars which are commonly used to make what is commonly referred in the street level narcotics trade as “Blunts”. The hallway was also filled with smoke and the strong smell of freshly burnt marijuana.

I, Investigator Browne was just a few feet behind him and observed him make a throwing motion to his right with his right arm and hand towards the bushes located to his immediate right. My partner Investigator D’Amelio had run around the opposite side of the building cutting Mr. Eldeb off.

Investigators advised Mr. Eldeb that he was already verbally warned twice that he was trespassed from all Somerville Housing Authority owned property and that he was being placed under arrest.

As I, Investigator Browne placed my right hand on Mr. Eldeb’s right wrist to place him into handcuffs, Mr. Eldeb pushed my hand away then pushed my right shoulder with his right hand then took off running. I attempted to grab the waistline of his pants as he took off running but his right foot kicked my hand free from gripping him. My partner, Investigator D’Amelio took chase of Mr. Eldeb for approximately 75 yards when he finally caught up with him. As Investigator D’Amelio attempted to apprehend Mr. Eldeb they fell to the ground where Mr. Eldeb turned and swung at Investigator D’Amelio with his right hand grazing Investigator D’Amelio on the top of his head. Investigator D’Amelio and Mr. Eldeb were on the ground where Mr. Eldeb continued to resist by wildly rolling around while violently swinging his arms and legs. I, Investigator Browne, after several more minutes of wrestling Mr. Eldeb on the ground with Investigator D’Amelio was able to gain control of his hands where he was finally handcuffed and placed under arrest. I advised my partner, Investigator D’Amelio of the throwing motion that I had observed Mr. Eldeb make as I was chasing him. I then asked Investigator D’Amelio to check the bushes where this had taken place for possible weapons or contraband.

As I kept Mr. Eldeb detained Investigator D’Amelio found several items in the exact location that I observed Mr. Eldeb make his throwing motion. Investigator D’Amelio found the following items;
1-clear transparent baggie- containing a green leafy substance which through our training and experience we believed to be marijuana.

Mr. Eldeb will be charged with the following;
1-Trespassing ch 266 s120 1 count
2-Resisting Arrest ch268 s32B 2 counts
3-A&B on a Police officer/public employee ch265 s13D 2 counts
4- Possession with intent to distribute class D (marijuana) ch94C s32D

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