Carmenatty Arrest


On October 10, 2014 at approximately 1750 I was in full uniform and assigned to the Somerville Police Traffic Bureau. I was traveling on Washington Street, a
public way within the City of Somerville, heading back toward the Somerville Police Station. I observed a 2006 Yamaha Motorcycle traveling in the opposite direction with no registration plate displayed. I immediately made a U-Turn and activated blue lights and siren. I caught up with the Motorcycle and it pulled over on Washington Street at Joy Street, however it never came to a full stop. The operator looked back at me and accelerated on Washington Street towards Charlestown. The Motorcycle reached nearly 60 MPH as it came upon some congestion near the Elderly Complex at Cobble Hill. The Motorcycle went to the right of traffic entering the Bicycle lane. I moved my cruiser into the Southbound lane, which was now unoccupied, in an attempt to reach the front of the stopped traffic, and hopefully, stop the Motorcycle in the congestion. The Motorcycle cut in front of a vehicle moving left, coming up on the side of my cruiser, then it moved right to accelerate ahead but over corrected and struck the rear of a 2014 Audi A4 color blue, Ma. Z998, striking it in the left rear as it was stopped in traffic. The front of the Motorcycle shattered and several pieces went flying, one of which struck the right rear of my cruiser.
I stopped the cruiser and exited hastily as the operator got up and attempted to run. The operator, later identified as Mr. Daniel Comenatty the defendant in this matter, immediately threw his hands up in the air and dropped to his knees. I placed the defendant into custody and called for assistance from nearby Police Vehicles for assistance with the scene. Sgt McCain, the street supervisor, as well as several area cars responded to assist with the scene. I finally got to observe the Motorcycle license plate, Ma. 1L4196, which was attached to a moveable license plate to hide its identity from law enforcement personnel. The Defendants RMV status was checked through the RMV and it came back revoked for a class D, no Motorcycle permit or license was ever issued. The defendant refused any medical treatment and was placed in the Mobile detention unit for transportation to the Somerville Police Department. The defendant was booked by Lt. John Marino in the usual Manner. The defendant had an FID card in his possession which was believed to be revoked from another incident. After confirming its revocation it was seized. The defendant had only a Mass ID card and no license in his possession. The owner of the 2006 Yamaha, Ma. 1L4196, was issued citation # R5390779 and the defendant issued Citation # R5390778. Both citations were given in hand as the owner of the Yamaha got to the Police Station within minutes of the defendants arrest.
The Motorcycle, which was now destroyed, was towed by Pats tow, the area swept from the debris, and the roadway returned to normal function.

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