Somerville Artists Neeze & Ace Don Back at it Again With a Hit!



After releasing there hit single ” Somerville Water” which is a song they created to raise awareness about the epidemic of drug abuse and suicide within there city but most importantly, in the world! They than went on to create a video directed Ja’Vu & Nesto that has got seen by the masses

including detox centers in Philadelphia. After seeing how great of an impact the song/video had with many different people from many different places, they have now released there newest mixtape “Somerville Water”.

Although the whole mixtape is not all about drug abuse and suicide, the songs are still very relatable. Such as ” For The Record” which you can watch and listen to on With 2 of the 14 songs on the mixtape already having a video, that was just a taste of what they have planned. Both Neeze & Ace Don combined already have 14 mixtapes out, Neeze with 8 and Ace with 6, but they both proclaim ” Somerville Water” is the best one yet.

With all that being said the mixtape will be available on Itunes and they will also be selling them hand to hand throughout the city of Somerville and the surrounding cities. They would like to give a big shout out to everyone who took part in the making of the mixtape , Matt Ganem The poet , Flavio Gomez and Tyler Anderson for producing majority of the beats , Dfresh & John Scott for recording the mixtape, Super P Duplicating the mixtapes, Ill Will Jada for creating the front & back cover of the mixtape, Ja’Vu & Nesto for the videos, but most importantly to the supporters!

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