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Dellamano arrest

On September 22, 2014 while assigned to marked unit East 2, I, Officer Anderson, was dispatched to Family Dollar located at 622 Somerville Avenue at approximately 0930 hours for
a larceny. Upon arriving at the location I was met by the cashier who reported the incident. The reporting party stated that two females walked into the store together. One of them who was known to the reporting party as a previous shoplifter so she began to follow them. The other female, later identified as Danielle Dellamano, separated from the other and went to another area of the store. Shortly after, the reporting party observed Dellamano exit the store and set off the store security alarm system. The reporting party observed Dellamano leave the store and walk into a home across the street, Somerville Ave., which the reporting party knows to be the home of the other person.
At this time the other female was still inside the store and I asked her to step outside to speak with me. She stated that she had entered the store with Dellamano and that they were friends but she was unaware that Dellamano was stealing. At this point Officer’s Guillen, Sousa, and SGT Isidoro had arrived on scene to assist. She confirmed that Dellamano had been staying with her and agreed to bring us to her house so we could question Dellamano. We walked across the street to the home and she let us into the apartment where we found Dellamano. Dellamano admitted to stealing from the Family Dollar and retrieved 15 items from a drawer in the bedroom, most of which still in boxes and with Family Dollar barcode stickers on them.
The property was brought back to Family Dollar where the cashier scanned the items which totaled to $53.28. At this point Dellamano was placed into custody and transferred back to the station. Dellamano is being charged with MGL 266/30A Shoplifting by Asportation. The stolen merchandise was tagged as evidence and placed into storage locker 1.

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