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Hogarty arrest

On Tuesday, September 23, 2014, I was working as Route-1, walking the area of Assembly Square. At approximately 8:55 A.M. Marked unit
East-4, Officer Capasso, and I were at the Starbucks located directly next to the Christmas Tree Shop. The Christmas Tree Shop is located at 177 Middlesex Avenue. While seated outside, we observed a white male, thin build, wearing a black Boston Bruins hooded sweatshirt, dark pants, and a cane, running away from the Christmas Tree Shop. Seconds after seeing this male, a female employee of Christmas Tree Shop came running after the male party. The male ran towards the Assembly Square train station. Officer Capasso spoke with the female as I started towards the train station. Moments later, Officer Capasso, radioed that the male had stolen items from the store and took off running.

A search of the area was conducted by Officer Capasso, and I. After about a minute or two, marked unit East-2, Officer Ducasse, stated he could see the male hiding between construction vehicles in an adjacent parking lot of the train station. All officers, which now included street supervisor, Sergeant Isidoro, and Sergeant Macarelli who was working a paid road detail, now surrounded the area. The male, later identified as Mr. Kevin Hogarty, stopped running and stated he would not resist our attempts to place him in custody. Mr. Hogarty is the same male Officer Capasso and I saw running away from the Christmas Tree Shop. While running Mr. Hogarty’s license, I found that he was the same individual who previously stole razor blades from numerous stores in the area. I explained to Mr. Hogarty that I remembered him from the incident to which he apologized for. Mr. Hogarty stated he is drug dependant and is a Veteran of the armed forces.

Mr. Hogarty was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked unit 200, Officer DeOliveira. Christmas Tree Shop loss prevention manager, stated he has the entire incident on video and would keep a copy of it for court purposes. A copy of the receipt for items stolen will be attached with my arrest report.

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