Somerville Community Access Television: Crossroads: Searching for the American Dream

The five students were paid stipends for their time working on the project. They learned video production and editing skills, scriptwriting, how to record voice-overs, conduct interviews,
and create an edit plan. They also learned about career choices for themselves. The result is a moving and informative piece that can be seen on SCATV Channel 3 and on the website,

A group of five Somerville teens came to SCATV in July 2014 to produce “Crossings: Searching for the American Dream,” a TV and Web program about the choices available to Somerville students after high school. The 24 minute video includes interviews about how and why students decide to attend college, enlist in the military, or get work experience. One undocumented teen explains the challenges he faces to achieving his dream of attending college. The project was funded by a grant from the Somerville Cultural Council, administered by the Somerville Arts Council, as well as a Peers Grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Many thanks to Somerville High School guidance counselor Ann Herzberg and Somerville Alderman Matt McLaughlin for their insights and appearances in the film. The other people interviewed were Susan Hassan, Selena Quintinilla, Joao Doe, Nicole Bukowski, Bryan Auguste, and Jason Corey. The student producers were Kathlyn Almeida, Jack English-Cooper, Anmol Maini, Navdeep Maini, and Anthony Rodriguez. SCATV Youth Instructor Gordon Nelson led the group.

The Crossroads video is available online here at

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