The Somerville Labor Coalition is pleased to announce our endorsement of Erin DiBenedetto for the position of State Representative of the 34th Middlesex District.


August 10, 2014

Erin is a no nonsense Democrat that will work hard to support all workers’ rights. She has promised to protect the hard earned benefits that have been
negotiated fairly by labor and/or have long been protected by legislation. We are happy to endorse a candidate that is not afraid to say she is a friend of organized labor. She recognizes that it is the unions that are working hard to preserve the middle class. She understands that meaningful collective bargaining should be a fundamental right for all workers. She shares the value that people who keep our cities safe, clean and in good order should be treated with respect.

Erin DiBenedetto embodies the spirit of a true advocate of the working class. It is no surprise that Erin has been endorsed by numerous unions. Her tireless community involvement and experience make her a great choice to send to Beacon Hill. Many of the organized labor associations across our district are announcing their support of Erin because they believe she will do the best job and be a voice of workers across the State.

Erin DiBenedetto is the clear choice of The Somerville Labor Coalition. Please join with us, support, and vote for Erin DiBenedetto for Massachusetts 34th District State Representative.

SLC member unions unite nearly 600 workers in Somerville for the good jobs our community needs.

SLC is Working to Provide Fair Labor for All

On behalf of the Somerville Labor Coalition,


Co-Chair Thomas Ross Somerville Firefighters

Co-Chair Ed Halloran, Secretary Steven Ross and SLC Co-Founding Member Jim Roderick, SMEA

Treasurer Peter Blaikie, NCFO Local 3 School Custodians

SLC Co-founding Member Mike McGrath Police Patrolmen

SLC Co-Founding Member Terri Mederios 911 Operators of SEIU Local 888

Founding Member Gerard Rymill, Police Superior Officers

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