Reality Bites by James A. Norton

Never watching the Cooking Channel at 11pm. Trust me.

So it occurred to me the other day that I used to write about movies, music and food on some level. Part of me wants to believe that I have moved on because I
am working a lot and don’t have my mind on more comfortable endeavors. Reality is that I haven’t stopped watching movies, listening to music or by all means eating food – definitely haven’t stopped doing that one. I guess it’s more fun taking shots at assclowns who act ridiculous and rude assholes who don’t return phone calls.

If you’ve ever read anything I have written over the years, you’re probably familiar with the fact that I won’t criticize anyone before I work myself over first. I also own my actions – good or bad – every time. If I do something wrong, intentionally or not, I will apologize. I wasn’t brought up by baboons, so I have manners. I also believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to prove they have changed for the better – that they have taken life lessons and converted them into positive thinking and better behavior.

You can tell a lot about someone by just observing whether they are consistent with how they interact with others. If you hate people, don’t run for public office or put yourself into a position to deal with the general public. Simple. If you believe that everyone wants something when they call, then don’t be surprised when you only talk to people who want something – because those who just want to catch up and talk about something without wanting anything will eventually not want anything to do with you.

Politicians are the easiest to read when it comes to these things and so much more. I’ve been around them my whole life. Wasted a lot of time on a bunch of morons in the process, but that’s okay, it’s part of the dance. I’ve also met some nice ones too, I will admit. The most important lesson I have learned about politics and politicians is not to judge a book by its cover, ever. I’ve met ones who were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, who were moderately effective at best on the surface and yet were ruthless behind closed doors. And then there are those who are fairly popular, well respected and ridiculously effective in office, but personally have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

And there I go again – I started this weeks column off prepared to talk about movies, music and food – and I got sidetracked by the douchebaggery of life – all the while, I have the Cooking Channel on in the background, it’s 11:45pm and I am a little hungry, thanks Guy Fieri…I bet he calls people back. #GMK

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