Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Sathler Arrest

On the above time and day, I was dispatched along with E4 (Ofc. Kim) to Dartmouth St. for a disturbance. Upon arrival at that location, I observed to two males and a female standing outside yelling at one another. I then
exited my car and approached these individuals and engaged them in conversation.

One of the males who was later identified as Mateus Sathler began yelling ” he punched me in the face, look, right on my left jaw he punched me”. Observations made of Mr. Sathler’s face did not reveal any swelling or redness consistent with having been struck. When I asked Mr. Sathler who punched him, Mr. Sathler pointed to the other male. The female who was present was the mother of the victim. She stated that Mr. Sathler and her son are best friends but were having a disagreement. She had exited her residence in an attempt to mediate the altercation but was unable to get them to calm down. While speaking to her, Mr. Slather continued to raise his voice and cause a disturbance. He was asked several times by myself and Ofc. Kim to stop yelling but refused to co-operate. Due to Mr. Slather’s yelling, a elderly female exited a residence on Dartmouth St. in a bathrobe asking if everything was ok. Mr. Slather’s was advised once again that it was 4:30 in the morning and that his yelling was causing a disturbance which was affecting the neighbors in the area. I then attempted to advise Mr. Slather on his course of action with respect to the alleged assault.

Both the mother and her son were told to proceeded back into their residence, which they did. While attempting to advise Mr. Slather that he could go to court and file a complaint against him for assaulting him, Mr. Slather just kept talking over me, refusing to listen. Mr. Slather was once again asked to lower his voice and leave the area. Mr. Slather began yelling saying ” I’m not leaving until you give me my space”. I then told him that he had once last opportunity to leave or he would be arrested. Mr. Slather shouted ” I’ll leave when you leave, I know my rights.” Mr. Slather was at that time taken into custody for the above mentioned offense. He was transported to the police station via marked unit E1.

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