Lowell St. Traffice Calming, Pedestrian Safety Meeting – Wednesday, June 25, 2014 – 6:00PM – VNA


The city and Alderman Mark Neidergang have organized a community meeting to discuss the proposed traffic, pedestrian and bicycle safety measures for Lowell Street. (between Medford St. and Highland Ave.)

As you may know, this stretch of Lowell St. has been the site of at least three major vehicle accidents this year, will receive hundreds, if not thousands, of additional pedestrians soon after the new stretch of the Community Path opens (slated for this fall according to the city) and has become, in my opinion, a vehicle speedway in our neighborhood.

The city of Somerville has over $200,000.00 in traffic mitigation money from the developers of the Maxwell’s Green residential complex slated for these traffic and pedestrian safety measures. Please come to the meeting and let the city know that now is the time to spend that money to make us all safe.

259 Lowell St.

Wednesday – June 25 at 6:00PM
3rd Floor Conference Room

Thanks in advance. If you cannot attend, send your comments to Alderman Mark Neidergang.

Joe Lynch
Magoun Square Neighborhood Association

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