2015 Somerville Budget

By Shannon Hardy

The proposed 2015 budget will invest an estimated $203,105, 629 in program expenditures. Mayor Curtatone with the City of Somerville’s Finance Director, Budget Manager, and SomerStat Director proposed a municipal budget plan for the 2015 fiscal year that surpasses previous year’s total financial plan. Curtatone denotes the $8,062,621 increase in expenditures to an evolving city with evolving needs.

The projected plan will provide Somerville’s School Department with about $60 million—30% of the entire budget. The $3.7 million increase in education—the largest increase for Somerville Public Schools in city history—reflects Curtatone’s statement that, “everything we do starts and ends with our schools.” The budget’s initiative will increase support for, “the foundation of our community,” and, “give every child what they need to succeed.”

In addition, the second largest portion of Somerville’s projected funds will go to the Public Safety Division. Curtatone says, “Public safety remains the first priority for our city” and thus the increase in funds will allow for improvements such as a new civilian Fire Protection Engineer in the Fire Department and a new civilian Senior IT Specialist in the Police Department. The projected budget will also provide funds for an evolving Inspectional Services Division. The ISD’s increasing workload and focus on reorganization, reinvestment, and new leadership is part of Curtatone’s plan for the FY2015. The proposed Municipal Budget finances a new Senior Code Enforcement Inspector, a Plumbing & Gas fitting inspector, and a new Zoning Review Planner.

Throughout the FY2015 budget development, Curtatone reflects on the importance of, “trying to make the process transparent to the people of Somerville.” Sticking to the timeline, budget calendar, and the three weeks of scheduled meetings have allowed Curtatone and his Finance Director, Budget Manager, and Somerstat Direct to proceed with transparency to the projected date of approval by the Board of Aldermen. “These numbers could very well change,” says Curtatone. “and the budget could be revised first,” but the City of Somerville’s Municipal Budget for FY2015 is set to officially pass by June 30th.

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