A panicked Obama breaks glass By Neil W. McCabe

The most difficult thing about my being right in 2008 about Barack Obama is that so many people have suffered from his pinball-style of leadership.
Obviously, his economic ideas have flat-lined the private sector and his incompetent administration of the most expensive government in history is a
One year after Obama’s IRS admitted that it targeted conservative political groups during 2012 election cycle, the FBI has yet to interview anyone the tax agents abused.
Think about it. The FBI interviewed the Boston Marathon bombers three times before they struck the 2013 finish line. That is three more times than they have interviewed American citizens harassed by the IRS—incidentally, using the IRS to harass opponents was one of the articles of impeachment the Democrats forwarded to the House floor right before Richard M. Nixon resigned his presidency.
The rollout of Obamacare was a disaster, compounded by lies and spin. It was so bad that Obama had to fire Kathleen Sebelius from HHS. Perhaps because she is a pro-abortion politician with a Catholic background, Sebelius was allowed to hang around for six months after nation learned how badly she screwed the pooch.
Former secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki was given a week-and-half.
Shinseki is one of those hack generals and admirals who excel under Democratic presidents. His tenure as Army Chief of Staff was marred by the ridiculous “Army of One” campaign and the black beret madness that had paratroopers and Rangers in revolt. When George W. Bush took over for his patron William J. Clinton, Shinseki became the fly in the ointment.
A mythology has grown up that Bush fired Shinseki because he criticized the plans for the Iraq War. Obama played along with the myth went he put Shinseki in charge of the VA. It was a clever bit of “stunt casting” that had nothing to do with improving the department. Rather, everyday Shinseki was on the job, it was a reminder that he and Obama were right about Iraq.
But, the VA scandal is bad. Unlike other scandals, the White House can’t make four or five phone calls to shut it down. Instead, the scandal has metastasized. Every local paper and TV station is doing stories about the mismanagement of VA facilities in their local area with local veterans.
This is a president that fenced off Washington’s World War II Memorial to deliberately keep out veterans of the Second World War, who were flying in on Honor Flights—and still was treated as the righteous hero of the September federal shutdown. This scandal was bad.
It is so bad that not only did Shinseki has to go, but Obama had to break glass and bring home Army Sgt. Bowe S. Bergdahl.
In March, the president had a deal to trade Bergdahl for five Taliban detainees held at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. When news of the deal spread, there was a mutiny inside the national security community and the deal was scotched.
Faced with a scandal he could not rein in, Obama went ahead and made the five-for-one trade. Despite evident that Bergdahl was a deserter, who helped the Taliban kill Americans and despite the fact that Obama has now put a firm price on new American soldiers terrorists capture.
White House aides are now telling anyone who will listen that Americans are overreacting. This was supposed to be a happy occasion—why the fuss?
If I was wrong about the Hope and Change merchant, at least the country would be better off. If I was wrong, the economy would be booming, healthcare would be cheaper and of a better quality and America’s standing in the world would be improving.
But, alas, Hope and Change was a fraud and we have to endure three more years of this painful slog. Obama still has his supporters, too. In 2008, they were just annoying swells and fancies. Today, they are peculiar sad-funny people frozen in mind and time and afraid to look out the window.

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