is presented for outstanding dedication and effort for the month of May 2014 to Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll has been an exemplary employee of the Somerville Police Department since July of 2012. As a records clerk and the social media coordinator for the department, Michael has demonstrated his ability to multitask on a daily basis and does so professionally and in a timely manner. In addition to his responsibility to provide primary and back-up coverage at the Records window, he also coordinates all of the social media accounts associated with the police department, assists with computer forensics when the need arises, and provides IT technical assistance with the department’s computer databases.

Michael is instrumental in ensuring that the department’s Emergency Operation Center (EOC) is set-up to accommodate anyone who is holding a meeting or a training session or who is in need of technical assistance. He often comes in early or remains late to assist in the set-up or break down of all equipment. He updates the department’s website and Facebook page regularly to make sure that residents of the city are kept up to date on public safety information and also provides information to constituents who express concerns through social media.

In the short time that Michael has been an employee with the Somerville Police, he has made a tremendous impact. Because of his tireless efforts and dedication to his work, the department and the residents of Somerville have become more accessible to each other. For these reasons, Michael’s efforts merit recognition of the Beyond the Call of Duty award.

Charles J. Femino, Chief of Police

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