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Piracini arrest

This is a summary of events that occurred on 02/23/2014 at approximately
1:25 PM, I Officer Faria, working in
marked cruiser 661 was dispatched to T J Maxx, for a shoplifter in the office.

Upon my arrival I spoke to witness and he stated that the female shoplifter in the officer later identified as Kathleen Piracini had been in the store in the past and gotten away with merchandise, by entering the fitting room and cutting off the alarm tags on the merchandise. Witness stated Ms. Piracini got away in the past because by the time he got into the fitting room and found the broken alarm tags, Ms. Piracini had already left the store.

Witness went on to say,today, Ms. Piracini entered the store and selected the above listed items valued at $328.97(receipt attached). Ms. Piracini then proceeded to another section of the store where she concealed the items into her purse. Ms. Piracini, as in the past, got a number to go into the fitting room and as she did so witness approached her and escorted her back to the loss prevention office.

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  1. I know this woman. She is a thief. She approached me in Marshalls thinking she was going to fight me while I was 7 months pregnant for past issues. As I walk away from her she peeled from the store and the alarms happened to go off. She does this constantly. Walgreens, Kmart, Marshalls, TJMaxx, JCPenney. She is unbelievable. Don’t know why she does these things with children. It’s pathetic.

    1. I’m sure if she was looking to fight you, you must have done something to her! Don’t try to pass judgment when you are no angel yourself (and you now that’s true). We all have problems and we all go through tough times. Don’t run your mouth because it’s not cute. Act like an adult, you are the true PATHETIC one here! Stop thanking about Kathleen and go focus on Angelo!

      1. just because someone voices their opinion doesnt mean you condone it…. kathleen made mistake after mistake…. I told christina about this when I saw it in the paper…. she had a point…. where is kathleen now???, in jail…. away from hey family….it took allot of stealing to get her there…. she had plenty of opportunities to change…. christina was there for her for a long time…. shes my best friend…. I know what she did…. she was used by kathleen constantly….. she stole her dead mothers diamonds that she will never get back so she has every reason to be upset with her…. I will defend her to the ground because I saw it all first hand…. yea we have all made mistakes, but Kathleen left lots of scars on alot of people by screwing then over…. shes your sister and you are defending her, but you were gone along time t and you dont know what happened…. she is there plenty for angelo…. she loves him so much…. she focuses on him everyday and works hard to make sure he had the best…. she is a great mother…. she never had hers so she knows what it takes….. she had been there for a lot of people and ii am stuck of people taking advantage of her…. dont for one second think otherwise…. defend you did that is your job…. just stay out of their problems….

        1. when christina said she is done being taken advantage of kathleen got mad…. just to get the record straight she did nothing but be there for her and her son!!!!….. she bent over backwards for that little boy….

      2. looks like i didnt hit submit on the last ccomment… you need to know that christina was there for her son day in and day out… i saw what she did for her and her son…. im her best friend… you were gone for a long time and you have no idea nor do you know what happened… she focuses on angelo everyminute of everyday… she has dedicated all of her time to him… i told her about this when i saw the story in the paper…. it wasn’t in the arrest reports it was a story!!!!…. we have all done things we are not proud of but kathleen had plenty opportunities to change…. christina even pleaded with her for her sons sake… but she didnt listen so where is she now???…. in jail… away from her family…. kathleen left alot of scars on alot of people… christina as well because she was there for them so much… iam tired of her being taken advantage of… not only did kathleen steal her dead mothers diamonds but she needed a favor from her on the day of her grandmothers wake…. i was there when she got the calll…. she needed someone to pick up her kid… so she did!!!! then kathleen got mad at her because christina told her she had enough… she walked away…. something she should have done a long time ago… for the record christina did nothing to her…. she was there for her all the time… you dont know the details because you werent there for a long time… so just stay out of it… its their problem… she has every right to be upset with her… kathleen has screwed over too many people…. its bound to catch up with her….. defend her and i will defend christina to the ground because whats right is right and your sister needs to pay her dues just like we all do at one point or another in life…

        1. Keep telling yourself that story of innocence maybe some day everyone will believe it. I never said anything about her being a bad mother, I’m sure she a great mom, really I just don’t care. Stop talking about things on the computer and move on with your lives.

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