Have you shoveled and sanded or salted your sidewalk yet

If not, now is a great time because although temperatures are warm enough to melt snow, forecasts are predicting below freezing temperatures this week. Melting snow is likely to refreeze, which will cause a lot of slippery sidewalks and frozen snow
mounds in the morning.

Remember: Property owners are responsible for clearing snow and ice from their sidewalks to a minimum width of 42 inches – wide enough to let a wheelchair pass. Residents are not allowed to shovel snow into the street. Please also be aware of the work your neighbors have already done – don’t shovel snow back onto a cleared path.

Not everyone is able to clear their own sidewalks, so here are a few ways to help your neighbors avoid a ticket for not shoveling and make the sidewalks safe:

1. Check in on neighbors and offer help.

2. Sign up for SnowCrew, an online site for matching shoveling volunteers with those in need today. You can also help sign up a less-technologically savvy family member, friend, or neighbor who needs shoveling help.

3. Sign up to volunteer for the City’s Shoveling Assistance program (a CORI background check will be done so you can volunteer next time). Seniors needing shoveling help can be matched with a volunteer or paid teen shoveler through the Somerville Council on Aging.

For more info on SnowCrew and City volunteering on the ResiStat Blog: http://somervilleresistat.blogspot.com/2013/12/three-ways-to-help-your-neighbors-with.html

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