Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Boyette A&B Arrest

On Saturday, 12/21/13, I, Officer Stanford was on duty for the Somerville Police operating marked cruiser 660
along with Officer DiFava. At approximately 0751 hours, we were dispatched to Broadway apt for a report of a male with a knife in the hallway. Officer Gee also responded to provide back-up. Upon arrival, I observed two males standing in the hallway of the third floor. I immediately advised the males to show me their hands as we approached. The two males, later identified as Kevin Boyette and v were standing facing each other in a fighting stance. For our own safety, I conducted a pat frisk on Boyette and removed a screw driver from his right back pocket. Officer Gee conducted a pat frisk on v. I asked Boyette what was going on and he stated, “I was just being grabbed by a transvestite.” According to Boyette, he and his friend were at an after party in Boston. At the party, they met a female later identified as along with her cross dressing cousin . Boyette stated that he had no idea that cousin was a man at that time. The four of them drove to cousin’s apartment at the above mentioned address where they planned on hanging out. Boyette was in cousin’s bedroom with her and was making sexual advances towards her. When Boyette insisted on closing her bedroom door, V2 declined. At this time, v1 came into the bedroom and told Boyette to leave the door open. Boyette was so angry that v1 had interrupted him, that he began yelling at him. v1 then went into the living room where v3 was and layed down on a futon. Boyette followed him into the living room and began to punch v2. v3 picked up her phone and told Boyette that she was calling the Police. Boyette turned his attention to v3 and grabbed the phone from her hands and pushed her into a wall. Boyette took the phone and hit v2 in the right side of his head. During the altercation, Boyette struck v2 so hard that the phone broke into pieces. Boyette also kicked v2 in the side of the head, while v2 lay in the fetal position on the futon. v2’s left arm was bleeding and he stated that he had a bump on his head. (photos taken) Officer Gee asked Somerville control to dispatch the Somerville Fire Department and Cataldo ambulance to evaluate v2’s injuries.

At some point during this incident, a neighbor who lives on the same floor was returning to his apartment. David stated that he observed a female standing in her doorway yelling that she wanted a male to leave. neighbor entered the apartment and observed Boyette standing over v2 with his fist clenched and arm cocked back as if he were about to throw a punch. Boyette looked up and saw neighbor entering the apartment and starting yelling at him to leave. neighbor told Boyette that he had to leave. Boyette confronted and pushed him. Boyette then stated to him, “Do you want to get stabbed.” While saying this, Boyette reached into his pocket as if he were going to remove a weapon. neighbor was in fear that Boyette may have had a weapon on him so he punched Boyette in the face. neighbor stated that him and Boyette went outside of the building and squared up to fight. he and Boyette went outside to the courtyard of the complex where they squared up to fight. Boyette started to apologize to him and did not want to fight him. neighbor then went back into his building with Boyette following him.

Due to all of the statements made, it was determined that Boyette be placed into custody. The prisoner transport wagon (200) was requested and Boyette was transported to the Somerville Police station where he was booked in the usual manner by Lt. A Rymill.

The pieces of the broken phone were collected as evidence along with Boyette’s boots and the recovered screw driver. v2 declined medical attention.

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