Somerville Police and SWAT Team Called in on Standoff


20131222-101546.jpgBy William Tauro

Early Sunday morning, Somerville Police and SWAT/North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (NEMLEC) Teams were called in on a reported standoff, man with a knife located at 12 george Street in Somerville.

Reports allegedly came in from the man’s parents who were allegedly held as potential hostages by the man at knife point until he let them go.

The man has barricaded himself in the home and is allegedly suffering from psychiatric problems and was described as delusional during the time of standoff.

Alleged reports are telling us that when this originated, it was a domestic dispute gone bad.

NEMLEC negotiators made contact and Special Response Team units located the armed subject hiding in the attic crawl space.

After four hours, the SRT disarmed the subject and placed him in custody without further incident.

The subject was transported to an area hospital. He is not being charged with any criminal offense.

3 thoughts on “Somerville Police and SWAT Team Called in on Standoff”

  1. “Alleged reports?” gives us your sources and stop misleading the people. Also, somebody need to tell the Mayor/State this isn’t Hollywood!

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