Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone Will Not Run for Governor


By William Tauro

Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone announced on Wednesday that he will not run for governor of Massachusetts.

In a recent statement the mayor wrote:

“As everyone knows, I’ve been considering a potential run for Governor. Well, I’ve come to a decision and I will not be seeking the Governor’s office in 2014. As much as I feel I have the experience and vision to lead our state forward, this simply is not the right time for my family and me to be involved in an all-consuming statewide political campaign. During this process there were times when I was 95% certain I was getting into the Governor’s race, but once school started up it became clear to me that I am currently in the right place on a personal and family level.

Plus I get to do exciting and meaningful work here in Somerville. We’ve built a city that is lighting the way forward in terms of jobs, transportation, education, healthy living, the creative economy, environmental issues, social issues, community involvement and quality of life – not just on the state level, but on the regional and national level. Being Governor isn’t the only way to lead in this state. It’s certainly not the only way to get things done. I look forward to working with mayors and municipal leaders in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to make our voices heard and push for policies that can positively impact our communities.

We innovate more in local government and we get to see how government policies affect people at the ground level. We’re able to take action when state and national government are either unwilling or too paralyzed to do so. In Somerville we’re not talking about what might happen in theory if we did something progressive, we’ve got actual progress. I got into politics to make a positive difference in people’s lives and as a community we’ve been able to do that here in Somerville. I really do love my job.

It was humbling that so many encouraged me to join the Governor’s race and I want to thank everyone for their kind words and support.”

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