Number of UFO Sightings Counted 122,282 and Growing, Some Over Somerville MA

By William Tauro

With Halloween only a few weeks away and fast approaching, the Ville is already getting into the Halloween spirit with stories from the unknown.

Not only was Somerville home to “Halloween’s Home Town Boy” “Bobby Picket,’song writer of the famous Halloween theme song “The Monster Mash,” but maybe some other visitors as well possibly dropped in from beyond and maybe never left?

Here are just a few UFO sightings below that were claimed to be seen over the Somerville MA in past years and one even produced a video of a UFO!


Somerville, MA Crazy UFO spotted in Somerville MA. This Youtube video was uploaded from an Android phone. on Mar 2, 2011 (Warning may contain some un-UFO foul language)

Here are the nearest sightings (5 miles radius): Somerville, MA!

Somerville , MA Sighted on Sunday 01. January 2012
Witnesses description of UFO: ‘Saw 6-Orange and yellow in color oval objects in the sky for 4-5 min. While celebrating New Years Eve, My friend and I heard fireworks. When we went to the window to look, we saw 3 orange and yellow in color oval shaped objects moving sideways when one went behind the other looking like there was only 2 objects, then seemingly that one either slowed down or the other sped up making the 3rd object visible again. While we watched 3 more orange and yellow in color oval objects appeared. They were not airplanes or helicopters, because there was no noise’.

Somerville, MA Sighted on Thursday 16. April 2009
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 30 seconds

Somerville, Massachusetts (United States)
Sighted on Thursday 21. September 1978
Shape: Unknown | Duration: Undisclosed

Cambridge, Massachusetts (United States)
Sighted on Sunday 16. November 2008
Shape: Circle, Other | Duration: 00:02:00

Cambridge, Massachusetts (United States)
Sighted on Tuesday 02. December 2008
Shape: Flash | Duration: Undisclosed

Cambridge, Massachusetts (United States)
Sighted on Sunday 16. March 2008
Shape: Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

Medford, MASighted on Saturday 20. June 1998
Shape: Cylinder | Duration:
Medford, MASighted on Sunday 03. March 2013
Shape: Cylinder | Duration: 5 seconds

Medford, MASighted on Wednesday 03. April 2013
Shape: Disk | Duration: 7-10 seconds

Medford, MA Sighted on Saturday 29. September 2012
Shape: Other | Duration: 5 -7 minutes

Medford, MA Sighted on Wednesday 10. April 2013

Reported on Wednesday 15. May 2013
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 10 minutes
Source: NUFORC
Spherical UFOs over Medford, MAI witnessed these two craft accidentally on my way to work above Wellington Circle in Medford, Massachusetts. I constantly look up in the sky as an amateur weather buff and lover of astronomy. So, as usual, I looked up and noticed a plane leaving a trail and then I looked back down, but did a very quick double-take because I subconsciously noticed something odd. I saw two spherical objects in the sky, approximately 800 feet or so off the ground, flying side-by-side, heading north by northeast. As I walked along, I kept looking up and following them. They were over Kappy’s Liquors on route 16 by the time I got to the 16/28 intersection.The light changed and I needed to move, so I did and when I looked up again, they were gone. observed them a good 10 minutes and was in shock that no one else looked up as they saw me walking along and staring into the sky. I’ve seen UFOs before, but this is the first time I’ve EVER spotted them in daylight, much less at noon. I’ve fought with myself over whether or not to report this with UFO Center, but right now… I just feel I need to. Description: — Round, could not determine approximate size.– They were ~800 feet off the ground, about 100 feet apart, staggered formation.– They were a dull white color, but seemed to be sort of metallic.– They were moving steadily, but not very quickly. Maybe 30mph or so as I was observing .I apologize for not having any pictures or video. I was just in so much awe that I was seeing them at that particular time of day, that I was more concerned with seeing if anyone else had noticed them. I’ve only told two other people because, well, you know how people react when you tell them this sort of thing.

See more at UFO’s Over Somerville MA:,%20MA%20on%20Sunday%2001%20January%202012#sthash.btC7ASyP.dpuf


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