Somerville News Weekly & Boston News, “We Reach Out & Grab You!”


We here at Somerville News Weekly with the help of our sister news publication, “ has reached the 30,503 reader mark for this week already!”

“You just can’t make this stuff up!”

“The Proof is in the Pudding!” 

“Yes, We Have The Bigger Audience”

Here are this week’s stats from our Boston News Group’s Facebook Page for this week:

This week so far over 30,503 readers were on our Facebook Page reading and checking us out!

And with 480 new likes this week, over 728new likes in all!

And not to mention the thousands of readers that access us and read us on single every day and night!

“It Just Keeps on Growing Every Day!”

Advertise with and your message will be posted on our new very popular Facebook page and it will also be posted on our Homepage for our seventy Massachusetts city and town publications for the world to see!

With thousands of monthly readers your message is sure to be seen!

Contact us at: Wmtauro@bostonnewsgroup. com

“And Get Noticed”

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