Now Somerville Is Shifting Into Parent Unfriendly No-Parking Mode at Edgerly School

By William Tauro

When is enough enough?  Why can’t we just achieve something good by just using common sense instead of removing more resident necessities? It’s congested as it is by the Edgerly Education Center picking up and dropping off school children, so why do we have to make it more difficult for parents to do so?

Not only did the city remove parking spots in East Somerville at the Edgerly (seriously needed since staff and families are now coming here from Winter HIll), but now they have added those plastic poles.

So how exactly does street cleaning happen? What about the snow plows come winter? More importantly what about the parents picking up and dropping off school children? 

It’s time to return this city back to common sense and make it work for the people instead of against them. 

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