Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (Assault w/ Dangerous Weapon)Arrest

The following report is a brief summary of incident #230327023:

On May 16, 2023, I, Officer Dylan Lambert, was working my assigned shift in marked unit East-1. At approximately 10:30 PM, I was dispatched to the area of Cambridge Street and Carter Street in Boston, MA in regards to an assault that occurred in Somerville, MA. Boston Police Department was on scene.

When I arrived on scene I spoke with Officer Joseph Fawkes of Boston Police, who told me that Boston Police received a call for an assault in the area of Cambridge Street. When Officer Fawkes arrived on scene he noticed a male chasing another male with a knife in his hands. the man, who brandished the knife and subsequently arrested was later identified as Mr. Angel Fletcher. The victim being chased was later identified as Mr. XXXX. There was another male on scene that was with Mr. XXXX, who identified himself as Mr. XXXX. Mr. XXXX primarily spoke Portuguese and Mr. XXXX translated for him. Officer Fawkes said that he stopped Mr. Fletcher in the area of Speedway on Cambridge Street. Officer Fawkes ordered the Mr. Fletcher to drop the knife and he complied. Officer Fawkes said that he later discovered Mr. Fletcher had another knife near his person, which he believes Mr. Fletcher tried to toss away from himself. Mr. Fletcher was detained in handcuffs. Officer Fawkes told me that after speaking with Mr. XXXX, he realized that the assault originally occurred in Somerville at the Somerville No Touch Car Wash. The car was is located at 31 Washington Street in Somerville, MA. While I as on scene, Officers Ryan Gasney, Austin Brooks, and John Santos from the Boston Police Department were present. Officer Fawkes advised me that Mr. Fletcher was detained in one of their marked cruisers.

I separated Mr. XXXX and Mr. XXXX and interviewed Mr. XXXX first. Mr. XXXX spoke English and Portuguese. Mr. XXXX said that he was smoking outside of the Cobble Hill Apartments located on Washington Street in Somerville, MA. Mr. XXXX said that he was near the bushed of the property when Mr. Fletcher walked by and became startled. Mr. Fletcher got upset and said something to the effect of “what are you doing, are you trying to rob me?” Mr. XXXX told Mr. Fletcher that he wasn’t trying to rob him and that he was just smoking. An argument ensued between both parties, at which point Mr. Fletcher allegedly brandished a knife. Mr. XXXX made threats to harm him made a mention that he was “from Boston.” Mr. XXXX said that Mr. Fletcher told him to meet him behind the car wash so they could fight. Mr. XXXX reported that he said something to the effect of “you’re real tough with that knife in your hand.” Mr. XXXX said that during the dispute, Mr. XXXX was driving his vehicle down Washington Street and noticed the two men in the dispute. Mr. XXXX said that Mr. XXXX yelled out to him and asked him if he needed help. Mr. XXXX said that as this was happening, Mr. Fletcher ran down Washington Street, which changes to Cambridge Street in Boston, MA. Mr. XXXX told Mr. XXXX that Mr. Fletcher threatened him with a knife. Mr. XXXX let Mr. XXXX in his vehicle and they followed Mr. Fletcher into Boston, and contacted the police. Mr. XXXX said that they pulled into the Speedway and told Mr. Fletcher to stop and that they contacted the police. Mr. XXXX said that Mr. Fletcher ran toward him with the knife, at which point Mr. XXXX grabbed a brush to defend himself. Mr. XXXX created distance from Mr. Fletcher until Boston Police arrived.

I interviewed Mr. XXXX who stated that he was driving his car down Washington Street in Somerville, MA when he noticed Mr. XXXX and Mr. Fletcher yelling at each other. Mr. XXXX said that he noticed an item in Mr. Fletcher’s hand, but couldn’t make it out. At this point, Mr. XXXX said that he yelled out to Mr. XXXX and was told that Mr. Fletcher threatened him with a knife. Mr. XXXX said that he drove Mr. XXXX toward Boston, following the suspect. Mr. XXXX said that they stopped in the area of the Speedway.

Mr. Fletcher was escorted out of the cruiser and I asked him for his name and DOB. Mr. Fletcher told me that info and provided his social security number. Mr. Fletcher was told that he was going to placed under arrest by the Somerville Police for assault by means of a dangerous weapon. Mr. Fletcher then exclaimed that he shouldn’t be the one arrested, that Mr. XXXX had a brush, which should be considered a dangerous weapon.

I radioed to Somerville Dispatch to send unit 200 to my location. Officer Tenzin Khartso arrived on scene and transported Mr. Fletcher to the Somerville Police Department, where he was booked by the Commander, Lt. Fusco.

Mr. Fletcher was arrested for the following charge:

265/15B Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (knife)

Both knives were secured in seperate evidence bags and secured in Evidence Locker #6 at the Somerville Police Department
The knives were initially wrapped in latex gloves by the Boston Police Officers. While on scene I secured knives in a plastic evidence bag.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Dylan Lambert #351
Somerville Police Department

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