“Partial Paving” In Somerville A Bad Decision


By William Tauro

Mayor Katjana Ballantyne is now having the City of Somerville utilizing a road paving technique called “Partial Paving!” This technique of paving in past years in other cities and towns has proven not to be the right decision. Paving just the center drive lane strip and not the two parking lanes will create a lip at the edge of the pavement. This edge would pose a safety hazard for pedestrians and bicyclists or motorcycles that can easily trip or lose control of their bicycle or motorcycles over it.

This safety hazard is especially dangerous after snow plows have torn apart the edges and everyday light or heavy duty traffic traveling over the road would tear up the edges as well. The mayor says this will save money, but in the long run it’ll create a hazard it will cost more money to repay the streets over and less time and it lowers the property value of that street alone.

Just about every house in Somerville is probably worth $1 million plus in this city. How would you like the front of your home/property looking like that? It lacks common sense and it’s another bad decision.

“When just ok, just isn’t good enough”

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