Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (Larceny, Armed Burglary)

On November 12, 2022 I was in full uniform working for the Somerville Police Department in a patrol capacity. At 8:52 P.M., I was dispatched to XX Walnut Road #X for a report of male who kicked the back door in and had entered the home. While on the way to the scene, dispatch lost contact with the reporting party. Multiple other units responded as backup.

As I turned on to Walnut Road from Walnut Street, I observed multiple individuals on the ground struggling partially underneath a parked SUV. I exited my marked police cruiser and made my way over to the group. As I made my way over, I heard a woman yell ” Officer over here!”. As I got closer, I asked them if this was the person from inside the house and they said that it was. At this point I grabbed the arm of the male party and placed a handcuff on his wrist. I told everyone to step away. Officer M.Canty had just arrived on scene, and assisted me in placing the other handcuff of the suspect.

Once the suspect was detained he was rolled over and sat up. I observed he had blood coming from his nose and asked him if he needed medical attention, which he refused on scene. I also observed a knife in a leather sheath on the ground under the SUV where the suspect was laying. The suspect was identified as Mr. Mark Kenley Jean. Once the scene was under police control I separated the victims from Mr. Jean.

I spoke with Mr. XXXX. I asked Mr. XXXX to explain to me what happened, he went on to explain what had occurred. Mr. XXXX was in his living room watching television, just as he started to fall asleep. He was startled when he heard someone rummaging through the items on the shelf next to the television only a few feet away. When he came too, he observed a black male wearing all black in his living room leaned over looking through items on the shelf. Mr. XXXX jumped off the couch and chased the suspect through the kitchen (lights on) and out the back door. Mr. XXXX yelled to his wife who was on the second floor of the apartment to call 911. Mr. XXXX then ran back through the home and out the front door with his wife. He saw the same individual he observed in his home having a difficult time with the front gate. Both he and his wife, XXXX, attempted to detain the Mr. Jean. The three of them began to wrestle with each other. Both Mr. and Mrs. XXXX were not able so prevent Mr. Jean from fleeing. Just as he broke free from their grasp, Mr. XXXX. exited his first floor apartment and came to assist his parents. Mr. Jean was able to get on his electric scooter and began to ride down Walnut Road towards Walnut Street. Mr. XXXX. was able to sprint after Mr. Jean, tackling him in front of XX Walnut Road. Both Mr. and Mrs. XXXX assisted Mr. XXXX in restraining Mr. Jean until police arrived.

At this time I determined that Mr. Mark Kenley Jean was being placed under arrest. Mr Jean was searched incident to arrest. A cell phone was located in the front pocket of Mr. Jean. When the cell phone was removed from Mr. Jeans pocket, Mrs. XXXX noticed it and recognized it to belong to her husband. I handed the cell phone which was locked to Mr. XXXX. He was able to enter the correct password on the first attempt unlocking the cell phone. Upon confirming that the cell phone belonged to Mr. XXXX, I returned his cell phone to him. Mr. XXXX stated that he left his cell phone was on the kitchen table.

Inside the backpack which Mr. Jean had on his person, there were multiple cell phones and a small axe/hatchet with a yellow handle. The knife inside the leather sheath and the axe/hatchet will be entered into evidence.

Mr. Jean remained with other officers on scene, while Officer M.Canty and I returned to XX Walnut Road to examine the property for an entry point and to check the rest of the home for any other parties involved. We checked the rear door of XX Walnut Road #2 and did not observe any visible damage, but with very minor force (pushing the door with one hand) the locked door opened with out turning the door knob. I believe there to be internal damage to the locking mechanism. This type of damage is consistent with damage from a door being forced open. A search of the home was conducted and no other individuals were located inside the home.

Mr. Mark Kenley Jean was arrested and transported back to Somerville Police Headquarters by Unit 200. He was booked by Lt. S. Fusco.

Mr. Jean will be charged with the following charges:

266/14/A – Armed Burglary
266/30/C – Larceny Under $1200.00

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Joseph Moreira
Patrolman #320

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