By Bob Katzen

“Taxpayers are experiencing the largest inflation spike in 41 years and our Statehouse leaders have a pile of money they could give back to help taxpayers with these high costs. Instead, they are choosing to hold onto the vast majority of the money and they even have the nerve to continue to push for their graduated income tax surcharge amendment which will increase the state income tax by 80 precent on some high-income earners and small businesses.”
—Paul Craney, spokesman for the Mass Fiscal Alliance.

“This legislation is critically important because despite the well-known hazards, Massachusetts law still permits schools and childcare centers to use toxic pesticides … on playgrounds and playing fields. Shielding our communities and children from these damaging pesticides ought to be a public health priority.”
—From an open letter from several representatives and organizations to House Speaker Ron Mariano, supporting a bill that would improve pesticide protections for Massachusetts schoolchildren.

“This train is leaving the station.”
—Sen. Jo Comerford (D-Northampton) during debate on railway service.

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