Somerville Showing Their Lack of Respect for Our Veterans

By Arthur Moore

This is incredible. No Memorial day parade due to covid. We had porchfest with covid and about to have an East Somerville part with covid. So, what gives with our elected officials and these ridiculous decisions.

We have these vets who risked their lives for this country and gave up part of their life for us by being in the service of our country. This is so much more than the festivals. We have so many who have died for this country and yet we do this to them. The leadership of this city has clearly shown they have no clue to what this country is about. Veterans should come first about all these frivolities. Clearly our elected officials have no clue about patriotism and should resign from office and put people in who put the people first. Cancelling all events would have been the way to go if indeed covid is a problem. But just the one for vets? Clearly, they are not people we want in our government representing us. Or so they say they are. Over the last few years, the city has shown lack of respect for our vets, elderly and the handicapped and that is escalating rapidly. And this city was so rich in patriots from the start of the country. So sad it has become this. I certainly cannot say I am proud to be from Somerville. I just say I am from north of Boston. I can only hope on the next election we vote in some real Americans

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